Monday, October 5, 2009

First Impression

I'm mostly a reserved person. I learned when I was young that if I was more quiet than talkative and more reserved than outgoing there was less chance for me to embarrass myself. I hate doing or saying things I regret, more than I hate not saying things or doing things I wish I had. So, I've developed this sweet, quiet, reserved personality. Those who know me, know I'm a goof ball a lot of the time.

It's getting annoying though, when people are surprised by my saying something or revealing something. For instance, at camp this past summer I was working with my director on the back drop for the campers' performance. He had been working before I got there and had the radio on a hip hop/R&B station. After a little while he said he was leaving to get some lunch and switched the radio to some pop station then asked me what station I wanted the radio on. I told him to put it back on the hip hop station. You like hip hop? I may not know all the artists on that station, but, yes, I do like hip hop music. His response? Chuckling. That's funny, Lauren. I could have said, What, because I'm a white girl and I wear glasses to correct my vision I can't listen to a variety of music? I didn't. He just left. Whatever. Then I laughed about it to myself.

I'm pretty good at sexual innuendo. Yeah, I'm not always funny or witty, sometimes I'm more goofy than anything. But sometimes the wit just flows. In HS Shakespeare class I did a paper on Shakespeare's puns. That guy was dirty minded. I liked it. As a teenager I often found myself saying seemingly harmless things that peers could turn dirty. Sometimes we made a game of it. I developed my style. I've used it to make people blush as used to happen to me. My future brother-in-law has been made to turn red a few times by my jokes. He tried to set me up one time, but it really wasn't my style, not really dirty. Then within five minutes he innocently said something that could easily be construed as dirty and I pointed it out as something I could work with. He blushed. He's blond and blushes too easily, but so do I, so it's fair. Recently I was at my sister's house for a cook out. She had other friends over and we were talking about phones and iPhone applications (one guy works for a phone distributor). He, Will and future BIL were talking about a weight loss application where you strap your phone to your gut and it vibrates the fat off. Of course, I responded, I can think of a much better reason for the phone to vibrate. No one knew what to say. Will just gave me a look like, Can't you ever let it go? I think the phone guy was embarrassed, I can't be sure. Future BIL is half deaf and proceeded to make the same joke I had just said, but not so directly and was stumbling over his words trying to find the best way to phrase it, so I stopped him, let him know I already beat him to it. He nodded, already having blushed at trying to say the joke himself. Phone guy said he was surprised I said that.

Maybe I do like the contrast of my appearance and what I say. It is fun to surprise people like that. But, I still find it annoying a lot of the time.

I want to meet a bunch of strangers and then have them interviewed privately about their first impression of me.


Gina said...

I think I can commiserate a little.

For some reason, I look very sweet. I'm not sure why, but I do.

So people tend to curse in front of me...and then apologize. And if anything foul comes out of my mouth, its this big shocker. It gets really annoying.

Lauren said...

Gina, exactly! Same here. WTF, right? And you do look sweet, too.