Saturday, October 3, 2009

Curly Myth

Apparently in hair stylist school stylists are taught that curly hair can only have long layers and never lots of short layers. I've heard this myth, I've READ this myth in a magazine, my sister has heard this. It's NOT TRUE. I went to Hair Cuttery today and told the stylist my hair had grown out a LOT and I needed 1.5 inches taken off. She said "It's all one length?" No, it's layered, especially more in the back. She said she couldn't tell, so I told her to put lots of layers in it all around. She picked up one side of my hair and said "If I put layers, it's going to puff out like a fro here." "Yes, that's fine," was my response. Why argue? I've done it before: No, it actually is less frizzy and less of a fro when I have lots of layers. It just curls, stays in place and doesn't grow any bigger. When it's closer to one length, like it was before I got it cut, it gets bigger and bigger throughout the day until I'm forced to pull it back because it's Dianna Ross style. And while big, curly hair may be glamorous when it's done up nicely:

Usually it just looks like you were out on a windy day:

So I got my hair cut to the top of my shoulders, but it curls up over an inch, and it has lots of layers. It's slightly shorter than in my profile pic. It's very curly, no longer poofy, puffy or anything like a fro. But really, why was fro used in such a negative way? Can't a fro look good? Let's see:


I wouldn't say looks good, but it works.

Seth Rogen. I love his Jew fro!
Yes, it looks good on Lenny Kravitz. Can his be called a Jew fro, too?
On a more or less serious note, I'm interested in seeing Chris Rock's new documentary "Good Hair." I actually caught myself saying "You have good hair!" as I brushed out G's hair this morning. Woah. I never thought I'd said that phrase. But as the brush smoothly went through her hair making it more full and soft, that was my thought! Good hair! Geez. That reminds me, each time I see a new stylist they say I should get highlights, not blond, but light brown because I have such a nice natural color. If it's so nice, why would I change it in any way? I don't understand the blond thing. I love my brown hair and I love it curly. If it were straight, maybe I'd feel differently and want to change the color to be more unique, though if everyone is fake blond, how unique is that?


Blasé said...

You were such a cute lil' baby!

Fake Blonde hair and Frizzy hair just don't work for me

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