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The experts say, "Don't label yourself." Well, only one nutritionist I've read wrote that. It's a good idea, I think. But, when you're trying to explain to someone why you're not going to eat THAT, it helps to say something concise.
Yesterday we went to Will's grandparent's house. He had told them we'd bring lunch from Subway, but then Grandma called back and said not to bring anything because they had hot dogs. Hmm... we don't eat THAT. So, we just brought lunch anyway and had to tell them I'm a vegetarian and the girls are mostly vegetarian. My sister-in-law has been vegetarian for a while, so I figured they'd understand and Grandpa did. Grandma isn't as sharp as he is, so she still continued to offer me a hot dog and Grandpa got a little agitated and raised his voice slightly to stress that I'm vegetarian. Hm? was Grandma's response, so he had to just say SHE DOESN'T EAT HOT DOGS! Then the questions started, What do you eat, Do you deny the girls or do you let them have certain things when they go to a party, Does your doctor advise you, Why are you on this diet, blah blah. She's done the same to my sister-in-law, so I wasn't surprised.

Technically speaking, I'm vegequarian. I eat eggs, cheese and seafood. Last week I decided enough was enough with the poultry, but then two days later my mom served turkey meatballs with spaghetti, so I had them. Ooops. No worries, though. I had three beef (hamburgers) slip-ups during the year long transition process I gave myself toward cutting down to just poultry as a meat item. From my twenty-seventh birthday to my twenty-eighth I changed my diet for the better. Though this summer has been difficult with living in my parent's house. They eat nice dinners, plenty of salad (which I haven't been feeling like having at ALL) but there's just too much food and I'm home too much! So, I eat more than I want to and I have more junk food and sodas than before. I'm making a conscious effort to change that even with staying home. Today is the first day in that effort. I'm attempting to do all raw mornings (except for my coffee). This morning I had a fruit and spinach smoothie which I shared with my girls. Then I had my coffee. Then I had a banana. It's 10:25 and I'm getting a little hungry, but I don't want to eat lunch until 11:30, so I might have an orange. Fruit is through the stomach in about 30 minutes. It's a quick-exit food, unless it's paired with anything other than fruit. Then it's kept in the stomach longer and can ferment (according to the aforementioned nutritionist).

I know that I've not been digesting well and I'm getting bloated, so this change should make me feel much better. S had me read the Berenstein Bear's Too Much Junk Food recently and so I've pointed out that we've been doing the same and it's time for a change for all of us. She told me what fruit and veggies she'd like for lunch and snack and if she fusses, I'll remind her she picked out the food and it's going to make her body feel good. Both the girls know I'm health-conscious. I've never said I'm on a diet or complained about eating healthy food. Instead, I point out the positive attributes of the food we eat, what vitamins it has, how it helps our body, how tasty it is.
Saturdays my Dad makes link breakfast sausage. At first, I let the girls have it, but it's not something I want them to have, so I got some tofu sausage I can cut into patties. S wasn't so sure about it at first, but then she started saying that it was good. After she'd eaten most of it I told her I was really proud of her for eating such healthy food because it's not meat sausage, but it's made of vegetables. She interrupted me there and said "And that makes it healthier! And it tastes good." She's getting the idea that I don't want them eating meat. I'm not taking away poultry and there will probably be times when S will have a hamburger, but at home she won't. My parents grilled steak yesterday and the girls had chicken fillet sandwiches, which they loved, so they were happy. I had the BEST grilled portabella mushroom sandwich. I marinated the mushroom in Bragg's, ginger powder, onion powder, garlic powder, honey, sea salt, pepper and brushed with olive oil. So good! My Mom is so awesome for thinking about me and getting portabella mushrooms. Thanks, Mom! She's so supportive of my changing diet. She does a lot of vegetarian meals, too. My poor Dad is getting such stiffness and inflammation in his knees. I wish he'd stop eating cured meat and only have meat at dinner a few nights a week.
I'm going to make a white bean dip today. It'll have cannellini beans, rosemary, garlic, olive oil. I'm debating whether or not to cook the beans. Some recipes say to fry the beans up before blending them with the other ingredients, but I think a raw dip would be nice, too.

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well, I layer my curly hair, and wild curly hair is cool, I like yours. And yes, explaining how you eat, having a label on how you eat, sucks!