Monday, September 14, 2009

Six Year Old Society

S has social skills. I'm not really surprised as she's always been a very friendly little kid, but I'm intrigued by her ability to interact so maturely. When I pick her up from school I observe her as she confidently strides by students. If she sees someone from her class she puts a sweet, subtle smile on her face and says "Hi, so and so" at exactly the right moment: as she's approaching about 2.5 feet from the student so he/she has time to say hi back just as she's passing him/her. One little boy walks the same way home as we do and every time S sees him she says hi, but he only smiles and runs away. Then he acts crazy jumping off of everything he can on the way home. S told him he's crazy. Guess he took that as a compliment cuz he kept being crazy.

As friendly and confident as S is in addressing her peers, she's just as gullible. A classmate has told her to expect an invite for her birthday where, among others, the Jonas Brothers and Zack and Cody will be attending as guests. Really. Her father is calling to personally invite them. I explained to S that celebrities do not attend parties unless someone was friends with the celebrity before that person became famous, or if that celebrity is paid for the appearance. I believe S brought this up with the little storyteller which is when she pulled out the excuse that her father has yet to call them, but WILL be doing so. This'll be one of those social interactions where S will just have to learn from experience. I know I did, because I was a pretty trusting kid; basically, because I knew I wasn't out to fool anyone. Of course I met my share of storytellers, too, and eventually I learned to tell what was probably not the truth. I still have some trouble with that, though, so I'm not going to fault S for wanting to believe the awesomeness that is the dream of meeting Zack and Cody.

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