Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My hypocrisy

My name, Lauren, is typically pronounced one of two ways. Spelled phonetically:
1. Lore-en
2. Lar-en
In each the accent is on the first syllable. I prefer number 2. Sometimes Will says number 1, but he doesn't usually say my name unless he's yelling it for me to come see some travesty the kids have orchestrated, so in that circumstance I don't even pay attention to how he pronounces it.

Here is my hypocrisy. The name Maureen, which usually has the accent on the second syllable (and that may be why I like it this other way) can also be pronounced in two choices similar to my name.
1. More-een
2. Mar-een
Sometimes people even put the accent on the first syllable in option 2. THAT's weird. For Maureen, I like number 1 with the accent on the second syllable.

And that's that.

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