Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What you don't know...

Can't hurt you? Yeah, right. I ate lunch with G at camp yesterday, as I've done on occasion. I looked around at the lunches the other four year olds ate and felt...discouraged, saddened. It was a depressing sight. The little boy next to me, W, was like many of the other boys (all boys in G's group except one other girl) and had nothing but packaged "snack food" for lunch. He wanted me to open a chocolate brownie with appealing colorful sprinkles on it. I looked through his lunch box for a healthier option to open first. There was none. He had a bag of Fritos, a baggie of Apple Jacks cereal, a Quaker Chocolate Chip Granola bar, a blue and pink colored yogurt cup, the brownie and a box of Organic milk. Most of the kids are THIRSTY when they sit down for lunch, so they stick their straws in and chug down whatever boxed or bagged drink is in their lunchbox. Then they are mostly full since their stomachs are the size of a small child's fist (fun fact: make a fist--that's how big your stomach is). Most have some sort of chocolaty dessert, so they open that next and eat about 4 bites and start feeling kind of yucky because of all the sugar from the juice and candy they've eaten and don't eat any more lunch. There are a few kids who start with a turkey or PB&J sandwich first, but only a few. Also, 2-3 of them get camp provided lunches which have fruit or veggies, very nice looking ones, so they eat a decent lunch.

Why do these affluent parents throw a handful of packaged snacks into their kids lunches? Popcorn and chips, artificially colored yogurt cups and Gogurts (gross!), Little Debbie snacks, etc. What are the parents eating? Do the stay-at-home (go play Tennis and have lunch at the club) Moms have a nice big salad with grilled chicken for lunch? Or are they just as ridiculous with their diets, gulping down Starbucks while on the run and picking up take-out for their husband's dinner? Can I be any more judgemental?

Yes, I can. Why would you buy a large car seat for your kid, the one that tethers in because the built-in safety belts in cars can malfunction in a crash, and has a five-point harness that holds a person up to 80 pounds (grandma, gotta new seat for you to get to the eye doctor) and NOT tighten the straps? I mean, just leave those straps so loose that even if the kid does not fly out in an accident because of the leg straps he/she will surely have brain injury because they will lean so far forward their foreheads will hit the seat in front of them and bounce back on the car seat and slosh their brains sideways! WTF! I get the kids in and out of cars each morning and afternoon and it's just ridiculous what I see with these car seats a few, yes only a few, I'll be honest, kids have. It's for the ease of the kid to be able to buckle themselves in the 5-point harness, so mom/dad doesn't have to since they are already 50 and can't turn their bodies around like that anymore. Yes, more judging.

Truthfully, most parents are in their 30s (and most who are older are not car seat offenders) and have great car seats and really make sure their kids are buckled nicely and I have seen really healthy lunches in S's group of 5-6 year olds, but the atrocities really stick out in my mind these days.

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