Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Last Week

This is our eighth and final week of summer camp. It's Tuesday and I'm home. G is sick. It started going around camp a little over a week ago. It starts with a headache and nausea, then a fever and some cold symptoms. S had it over the weekend, pretty much just Saturday, but needed Sunday to rest. Yesterday we went back to camp and she was fine. G woke up happy yesterday! She was actually excited to go to camp and had a great day. However, on the way home she said she need to "pook." She never did puke and she did eat a little dinner, but this morning she felt warm when I woke her. She got dressed, then came downstairs and curled up in a ball on the couch. As I was just finishing getting our things packed to leave, she ran to the bathroom saying she was going to pook. She gagged a little, but having an empty stomach couldn't heave. I walked her upstairs and changed her back into pjs and felt that she was more feverish. I tucked her in, woke Will and agreed that I'd stay home and he could take S to camp.

So, I'm in cut-off sweat pants and a comfy pink Hanes T-shirt. I started some laundry and scrubbed our bathroom, which was about 2 weeks overdue. G slept about an hour after I gave her Motrin and is now sitting in bed watching Kipper on instant view netflix on our laptop. I just got an image: Berenstain Bears, Brother is sick, Papa goes to the office and gets the laptop to setup in Brother's room, Brother picks something about dinosaurs to watch and never gets his homework done. You remember that book/TV episode, right? The instant watch was never offered to the kids until we moved here, though. Back "home" in NC we actually had a small TV with a built in VCR (from our early college days) and we'd play VHS tapes for the girls when they were sick.

I'm loving the instant watch, though. On Friday, the girls and I snuggled up in my bed and we watched Enchanted together. Even G sat through the whole movie and loved it. So fun. They don't even know what BlockBuster is. The last time we went to one, S was 2. We rented the Heffalump movie, then bought it because it is so darn cute. Then left it at someone's house we never saw again and bought it again. Oh, Kipper is over and G is demanding my presence. Motherhood calls!

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