Monday, August 10, 2009

Friday Night Enlightenment

Friday night I was sitting at a most awesome, authentic Irish bar in the city listening to live Irish music and debating with Will whether or not we should go to a party with camp people. I was tempted to go because I liked the person hosting the party, a fellow teacher from camp, though I am aware that most counselors did not like me because I had the audacity to insist that they help in my classroom rather than sit down and do their own projects, which, I've come to the conclusion, is why I was not invited to the mid-camp party hosted by another fellow teacher. Will was not keen on going from the start because, well, the party-ers would be college co-eds and some underage at that and "it's not like we'd be making any lasting friendships there." I agreed to that, but there was one problem. There's something about bars and being away from home and my children that makes me slightly anxious and a little melancholy, even when I'm out with my husband. Maybe it's just a little separation anxiety. I was feeling it Friday night, so once we decided we'd stay put and enjoy the evening at the bar and then walk next door (yes, right next door to the awesome bar) to my sister's house and stay the night (she was away camping), I said, let's get a pitcher--I need to relax! No sooner had Will gotten back with the pitcher and poured our glasses was our true destiny revealed (I am NOT being over dramatic). We had a most enjoyable night with people like ourselves. Not that I don't embrace differences and different cultures and ... whatever, it's easier to make friends with people who have similar world views, right?

I was taking my first sip of beer, oh, yum, when Will called out "A!" Well, A isn't her name, but I'm going for mostly anonymity on this blog. Get the fuck out, was my response, because I knew he was referring to his former co-worker from his new nonprofit gig. He'd told me about her and I'd asked if she and her b/f were friend-potential (we neeeeeeed couple friends). She had just arrived with her b/f and then within the hour another friend of theirs showed and joined us and we had a night that will get us through the monotony of life until the next time we can have such a night. Not that the joys of parenting don't punctuate my existence, but as an individual, I need peer social events. The social development doesn't stop after high school, people.

How can I express the pure enjoyment of "clicking" with people. It's why I went to a Catholic college after going to Catholic high school. I knew there would be people with similar upbringings who would make compatible friends. Contrary to the conservative Catholic myth, there are liberal Catholics, or at least people who were raised Catholic, and I knew them in HS and college and A and her b/f, B, who considers himself a recovering Catholic, are of the liberal minded sect. There were differences and debating and contrary views, of course, which make interacting with people worthwhile, but agreeing with people is most encouraging to the human soul.

I feel so great meeting people who are working to spread humanity in the city, help the less-fortunate and abused (the friend of A and B's I mentioned, also works nonprofit), educate next generations and who genuinely think about morals and society and government and see there is a world beyond themselves. And most importantly, we all love NPR. Enough said.

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