Friday, July 3, 2009


S has it. She's taking a shower right now with minimal help from me. Soon I'll have to tell her it's been long enough, but she gets out and gets dressed independently. She's been awesome at camp. Always has a smile for me when she sees me.

G took advantage of an unknowing soul this first week of camp. I had told her counselors not to bring her to me except as a last resort, but a director felt pity and brought her to my class on the second day. She had been upset all morning because of a loud pep rally. I was teaching a lesson, so I just waved and went on. She left with the director willingly. When I met her later at lunch she cried as soon as she saw me. I know it's not for show, she was overwhelmed. She calmed down quickly and then her group came to my class after lunch. Wednesday she did better, but was still quiet and shy. Then in the car and at home that evening she was made noise and talked nonstop. Thursday (our last day) she didn't see me until the very end of the day and she had the best day, playing and talking and smiling.

The campers shows went well yesterday. My backdrop looked pretty cool and I was acknowledged at the end of each show, so that was nice. All the teachers worked on getting it done and it wouldn't have happened with just me doing it. S loved performing. G had a hilarious scowl on her face during both of her songs, but she did some of the hand movements.

Today both girls showed their independence. We spent the day at a beach on a river. G played in the sand and waded in the water, made friends with other little children. S swam out further and also made friends with other kids. They played together only at the end when Uncle M got in with them. I was able to sit in a chair on the beach under a mostly cloudy sky (great for my paleness) and talk with my sister and mom and breath in the lovely lighter fluid/charcoal scented air. Well, that part wasn't so lovely. Someone next to our picnic table (just up from the beach) grilled various meats all afternoon, five hours! Still, it was nice to sit outside all day. The water was pretty nasty, so I didn't swim and I couldn't wait to bathe the girls when we got home. Blech. But mostly today was beautiful.

Now, what's this about Palin I'm seeing on the news? Strange, crazy woman.

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