Saturday, July 25, 2009

In and Out of Love

I don't know too much about purses, but I do like them. I like shoes, too. Which is why I went to Marshall's with birthday money today and ended up coming home with one pair of sandals and one purse, ahem, I mean satchel. The shoes are not worth putting a picture. They are totally utilitarian, completely for comfort Dr. Scholl's, bought only because the clearance sticker read $10. Think Teva-like straps, but in blue leather. They fit perfectly and they will make my feet happy without having to be in sneakers on the weekends. I get tired of wearing sneakers all week at camp.

About the satchel. As I said, I don't know much about bags and bag designers and trends, but I wanted a bigger bag, one that could fit my notebook calendar because my life is pretty scheduled these days. I wanted a bag that did NOT have it's own belt. Why so many belts on bags? My previous brown purse, which has served me well and will probably still be used on occasion, has a belt buckle on the front that is completely for show. I can understand the more useful belted strap so the length can be changed, but I was still steering away from all buckles. I also wanted color and something that could transition into fall/winter. It came down to a purple bag and a teal bag. The purple bag was quite plain except for the exciting striped lining AND the most exciting feature: a key ring with a piece of leather that snapped onto the inside lining. I HATE searching for my keys inside my bag and used to have a clip that I used to hold my keys either to my belt loop (when I had a clicker for the car, but now I don't--switched cars with Will) or to the strap on my bag. I lost it and haven't replaced it yet. So that feature pulled me, but there wasn't much else I liked about the bag. Even the color was too muted. The teal bag was a hard sale for me. I was afraid it was too showy, too trendy maybe, too fringey (there were a lot of bags with fringe and G kept asking, "Is that for Indians" to which I replied, "You mean Native Americans and no, it's just leather fringe for decoration." I still struggle with making the switch, but come on next-generation, get with it!) The bag is so soft and the color is deep and it does have a great feature: Two pockets on the outside that can perfectly fit my sunglasses case and my cell phone, maybe even keys, too, until I get another clip. I brought it home thinking I can just return it. I get such buyers remorse before I even leave the store, jeez. But, as soon as I took the paper out and got a feel for how it moved with my actual stuff in it, I knew I had my bag. It's me. I even cut the fringe a little shorter. Shhh. Look on ebay and these bags are selling for $50 and up. I got it for $34, yes, I like to share my bargains, are you jealous? The price tag says $79 retail. The tag also says it's in the "red" line by marc ecko (it's all lower case, guess marc's cool like that) and it's in the Tucked Away group. The tag also says "In and Out of Love" and I see that being highlighted on eBay bags. So, maybe you know something about that. I think it's pretty and I am going to enjoy using it.

In other news, I'm 28. My baby is 4. We have the same birthday. At camp they sang happy birthday to us and what do you think some kids asked me? "Why aren't you the same age?" Yeah, I had to explain about years and months and stuff. It was pretty cool to have that with G. I love that she's 4, but my first born was a mischievous, destructive 4 year old. I wonder how this one will be.

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