Thursday, June 11, 2009


Something you may not think about until you have kids or teach kids, is that they need to be taught how to use Play-doh. Of course they can just start squishing and molding, but then they start breaking it apart and end up with lots of tiny little pieces. What do they do with these pieces? Well, they aren't necessary are they? So, they just push them on the floor. I've observed my youngest pull off pieces of Play-doh and flick them away as if they were trash. This method eventually led to the disappearance of many tubs of Play-doh. Now, to the kid's credit the Play-doh was quite old and crumbled apart too easily. So, we got them new Play-doh and then the teaching began. I've repeated it many times, "Put the little pieces back in the tub or it will all be gone!" I've taught them the "cookie monster clean up" approach (that's what they called it at my preschool when you use a ball to dab up all the little pieces). They're probably tired of hearing, "That's not trash!"

Another reason they didn't know how to use Play-doh without wasting it, is I rarely let them use it. It's too messy! When we moved here to my parent's house I said they could use it for the summer outside only. My parents have a nice canopy on the deck and a table under it, so the girls have been able to play with Play-doh a lot. They are no longer deprived.

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