Friday, May 1, 2009

Not so angry, but definitely stressed

So, now that time has passed I'm much better. G went to bed by 8:30 last night and, though she stayed up playing quietly, she let her sister get to sleep before 8pm. For that I was thankful. Will gets in tomorrow. All will be good.

I went to a Teachers Fair for one of the counties here and so many of the schools had no upcoming openings, though tenured teachers have until mid July to say they're not coming back. I gave my resume out to whomever had a possible opening. What was annoying was that many of the schools did not have a sign on their table stating their openings or that they had no openings. Usually when they didn't and I asked they said they had no openings. So, I didn't ask if others were waiting in line and there was no sign. Then I overheard someone ask one elementary school and the guy said they had an art opening! WHY NOT POST IT?! Geeze! So, there are about 4-5 possible openings/interviews I could get from that county. I've seen other openings in the county in which I live... half part time and half full time. I really kind of need a full time if we're gonna get out into our own house this year, but I've said I'll take a part time, especially if it's more than half time, like 0.6 or more. It's weird how they do that. There is also the possibility of taking two schools at once to work full time. I'd be fine with that, too. Will is still skeptical I'll get a teaching position. He says that's his gut instinct. Well, I think he just needs to think that way so he's pleasantly surprised when I do. I need to think that I will get a position. My "worst case scenario" is getting only a part time position with no possibility for full time at that school. So, I hope my best case happens because I really need to support this family and that means providing medical/dental care. I'm really looking forward to having real insurance again.

I got my Prevacid refilled at the pharmacy here (still waiting to get approved for Medicaid) and the pharmacist asked "You don't have an insurance card?" Well, no, I would give you it if I did. It's going to take some effort to even get Prevacid through Medicaid as they have Rx steps to take and it starts with Prilosec OTC, for like two months! If I don't take Prevacid every night and at least every third morning (best every other morning) I get reflux and lose my voice. Simple as that. There's no alternative for me at this time. If I don't have a voice, I can't do my job well. I need to be able to speak so all my students can hear me! Also, if I'm having reflux at night, I don't sleep well (or at all) and then I can't do my job well because of not sleeping. Who knew reflux would be so life-altering?

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