Sunday, May 3, 2009


Living in a multi generational house has its issues and we're all fresh on this journey. To recap, there's my grandfather, my parents, myself and my husband, our two little girls and my brother (some of the time since he works a lot and goes out to play when he's not working). We all share one bathroom, except my parents who have the master bedroom/bath. My brother has an unfinished bathroom in his basement suite, but, even when he gets around to finishing it, won't have a shower.

The first, most prominent issue we're having is food. My mother is the main cook/shopper. I've taken over dinners on days she works since I'm not working yet. When we're all working we'll be planning dinners much differently, I'm sure. For now, mom and I sit down and plan out what we're having and who is making what. The difficult thing is to make things that everyone might tolerate. First, we have to consider G's allergies. Everyone has their favorites and their preferences. My preference is for healthy and mostly vegetarian. My mom agrees and thus far we've made some excellent dinners. My grandfather eats a certain way, every day. He wants hot meals for all three meals each day. After the first week here I think he's gotten the clue that either my mother and/or I (depending on if she's working) need to be in the kitchen at 7:30 getting lunches prepared (she makes hers, I make S's for school) and getting breakfast for the girls. He has taken to eating a bowl of cereal first until we've cleared out. Then he makes his eggs and some meat product. One night I made bean minestrone (very tasty and vegan, though I'm not a big soup fan) but my grandfather doesn't eat beans, so he had a frozen dinner. Something that makes it difficult for my mother and I is that my grandfather wants crusty white bread, like french or Italian, EVERY night at dinner. That stuff isn't easy to resist! So, we made a deal that we'll just cut two slices and put them at his place then get him more if he wants. It was also bad to have out a bread basket because my girls wanted more than one slice and even with just one given, G pretty much just ate that bread for dinner a couple nights.

Yesterday we had grilled shrimp skewers, green salad, couscous and a broccoli salad. My sister and her fiance were eating with us (after we took our cat to her place to stay while we're living here at my parents) and she said to me "I feel like we're eating this way because you're here and they don't usually eat this way." She couldn't put her finger on what they most always eat, but it's been winter and that means a meat and potatoes kind of meal on Sundays, which is the day she usually visits for dinner. My mom started seeing a naturopathic doctor last year and the dr. told her to have some vegetarian dinners each week. So, really, though it may have changed some during the winter, she has followed that drs. order.

What I need to do is to stay out of the kitchen when other people are eating. I need to come up to my room and now that Will has brought up the computer that will be easier to do. Also, I need to get into another book, so I can come up and read instead of sitting down in the family room.

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