Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have been in MD for one week now. It's been a good week...a busy week. S started school yesterday. She handled it SO well. There were a few tears when I picked her up because I pulled up in the car (it was raining) rather than walking up to the door and she had been unsure as to where to wait for me. A teacher paired her with one of the safety patrol students, so she was taken care of. Right away from the classwork she brought home I could see the class was ahead of her NC class. No surprise. One thing they don't do here that I did like in NC is there is no teacher aid for each class and the students are simply released to find their parents. For preK and K teacher aids make sure students are picked up by the right person. But of course that does stop by first grade.

G is the one who is having the most issues. She is whining about everything, throwing tantrums, yelling and backtalking something fierce...even to my parents. She's going to bed decently. I've been reading and/or singing a few songs to them both once they're in bed. They go right out after that. Of course, she does have an ear infection so she may be more tired than usual. Tomorrow I'll be taking her to a play group get-together at an old high school friend's house. She'll be shy at first, but she'll have fun.

Truth be told, I am sleeping well... very well. Often Will wakes me up at night by coming to bed later, tossing and turning and sometimes snoring a little. The bed I'm sleeping on right now is super comfortable, more comfy than our bed, and sleeping alone I have no one to wake me up. I like the closeness of sharing a bed, but it's really not condusive to good sleep. I hope to get a king size in the future so it's easy to be close, but also easy to be far enough away that I'm not disturbed during my sleep.

I'm missing my husband. These short times apart always help our relationship. I guess the last time we were apart like this was when I had G and stayed in Baltimore while she was in the NICU for a month. I think I saw him every weekend though. So, now it's been a week and it's going to be almost another two before Will comes up here. The good thing is the weekend after he comes up he and I will go back to NC together to get our bed and the rest of our stuff as well as get his diplomas. He's not walking at graduation, but he can still pick up his diploma that Saturday. AND we can go to a graduation party a classmate is having and see some friends. Then the next weekend my inlaws can keep the girls and we can go into Baltimore with my sister or something like that. I'm looking forward to our reunion.

My grandfather is moving in with us this weekend. He had lived here before when my parents first moved here. He stayed about a year and has been living with his son and daughter-in-law for the last two. It didn't work out too well cuz his son drives a truck and isn't home much. So we'll have eight of us: one great-grandfather, two grandparents, one uncle, two parents and two kids. Yikes. Thank goodness we all have our own rooms! My brother has the best setup with the entire basement! He got a really nice carpet installed and a new couch and entertainment center, so it's practically a studio apartment. He's still working on renovating the bathroom though, which cannot have a shower so he'll continue to use the upstairs one.

I had another interview today with a Baltimore charter school. It's a halftime job for the first year because there will be so few students. I don't feel great about the interview, but it was okay. Teacher fairs are coming up so I need to get my head in the game. I never feel really prepared for interviews. So much info is swimming around in my head and I try to think about what they want to hear as well as my natural inclinations. It's difficult. At one point today I had the thought to just run out of there! Of course it was just a nervous reaction and I kept it together well. I just told myself, stop... you're smart, you can answer any question they throw at you! And I did, but I'll be glad when it's over and I have a position.

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