Friday, April 3, 2009

Regarding the dinner the other night

Having dinner at Will's poker buddy's house was okay. They were very nice and our kids played very well together and had fun, though G left with a bruise on each side of her head from collisions while running in the house.

The food? Well, I ate my salad I brought, mac n cheese, a crescent roll, and some french fries. And I've been on a carb kick since! Ah! I'm going to try to shake it this weekend with plenty of green juice and fruit smoothies. Then I'll go to the store and stock up on more veggies and fruits for the next week until I move.

Witnessing the SAD was pretty interesting. After watching her deep fry the french fries in oil then salt them and then heavily salt the water for the mac n' cheese and offer the kids white sliced bread for their hot dogs and hamburgers, I was thinking how so many Americans make ends meet by giving their kids plenty of food that is high in calories, but low in nutrients. No surprise, the kids were very skinny. Growing up in a rural, hick town I saw plenty of scrawny kids. Even at a young age I knew those kids with the sunken eyes were not eating healthily (and that includes school food). After dinner, one of the sons asked to open a new bag of chips and was allowed to sit at the table and eat a few. It was a Sams brand bag of French Onion chips. On the front of the bag in large lettering it read: ARTIFICIALLY FLAVORED. I thought, why is that on there as if it's being advertised. I look for "No Artificial Flavors." My goal in feeding my kids is to give them as little artificial coloring and flavoring as possible.

Oh, that reminds me. S was given a bag of cheese puffs at snack time from a classmate of hers. Because I told her teachers at the beginning of the year that she is allergic to cinnamon and possibly nuts, though we're not sure, they are very wary about allowing her to eat food I don't send. Apparently she asked her teacher if there was cinnamon in them and they told her there was only nutmeg. Well, she's reacted to nutmeg as well, so she waited until she got home to ask me. I began scanning the ingredients. I'm proud to say, after reading Chemical Free Kids I automatically recognize all the bad stuff right away. I immediately saw MSG, then two other forms of MSG, at least 3 artificial dyes and 6 forms of dairy. And that wasn't even half the ingredients. There was so much stuff in that tiny bag of cheese puffs I told her I wouldn't even allow a dog to eat them. Then I caught myself and said, look don't worry about your friends eating this kind of snack, but just know that I don't want you to have all the artificial ingredients that are in most snack foods. I told her that whenever a friend offers you cheese puffs or other packaged snack foods, just tell them your mother won't allow you to have them. I pray this doesn't backfire when she gets older. I'm not a Nazi about it, but I limit junk food. I'm looking forward to being able to provide better packaged food snacks for the kids when I make an income AND live in an area that provides such products. There are plenty of vegan, healthy sweets and snacks on the market, so my kids shouldn't feel deprived. I basically have to make cookies on a pretty regular basis so they have vegan sweets. Or I just give them a little bowl of chocolate chips.

Anyway, so I didn't consume meat at the dinner and was probably seen as a snob because they had bought steaks for the grown ups and made a ton of hamburgers and hot dogs (though they didn't have any buns). But, I'm proud to have abstained.

For further inspiration, I preorded Natalia Rose's new book "Detox for Women." It's out on the 7th and it's being sent to my parents house so it may be waiting for me when I arrive there on the 14th. I know my mom'll want to read it too. So we can get in gear together. Exciting!

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