Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'm here. In MD. I moved with the kids today. My husband is still finishing his last two weeks of undergrad, so I will be missing him. He'll be up as soon as he's done, though. Then he and I will go back to NC and clean up the house and finish packing whatever is left. We've gotten most of it done already and he'll be moving furniture to the storage room. Oh my sister is here, back from her huge ordeal of a trip to Ireland. I'm so glad to be close to family again. Though, being in my parent's house will inevitably soon become too close. Until then, I'm glad.

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mommaladybug said...

Awesome! Glad to have you live closer now. Give me a call anytime so that we can get together and let the kids play. Maybe we could go walking and get some exercise (when the rain goes away). :) There's a great trail near BWI and a playground too for the kids. Give me a call when you're ready.