Monday, March 16, 2009

Yay! Something IS wrong with me!

Maybe you've noticed some of the hype about Vitamin D. It's the new health "thing." Well, I've been complaining to my PAs (I've seen two) and my allergist for the last year and a half that I'm not right. I've been sluggish and foggy and cranky and have a really hard time getting up in the morning (I've never been a morning person, but I noticed a change in how quickly I could feel awake and it was physically painful to stir some mornings. Even crying children couldn't stir me. Good thing I have a husband. Even with a baby nursing at night I never had such a difficult time as I started have over a year ago.) Then there was that pesky irregular or racing heart rate, which happens occasionally still. I've had joint pain and trouble sleeping. Vit. D is being linked to cancer and other diseases. It's linked to SAD which I've had for as long as I can remember. Here's one of many articles out there.

Last May I saw that I have VERY mild hypothyroidism which if it's more than mild can cause many of the same symptoms as Vit. D deficiency. All drs said my issues were not from hypothyroidism. But no one tested for any vit. deficiencies. It wasn't until I started reading Ultraprevention that I thought about vitamin deficiency and asked my PA about it at my physical last month. Well, she said everything looked so normal on my last blood work she wouldn't suspect Vit. B deficiency, which is what I specifically asked her about. BUT we had discussed how pale I am and how I get itchy from sun exposure and have to wear sunblock, so she suggested we test for vitamin D. My level is 22. Normal range is something like 35-100. I was prescribed a supplement which contains 50,000mg! I only take it once a week for 3 months and then switch to the daily 1,000mg. She said that should get my level up to the 70s at least.

The other thing that I've known is wrong with me, reflux, is still driving me crazy. That last post about the headache may have had more to do with Nexium than with dairy, though the constipation was definitely the food. So, I'm back on Prevacid twice a day. It absolutely sucks, but I have to wait until I have good coverage to see a specialist and have my stomach looked at. The PA mentioned a genetic disease where the stomach produces too much acid. One can only hope, right?!


Becca said...

Hi Lauren - Not in Baltimore, so can't help (don't even know what you're talking about). Sorry! Jackie is still blogging at A Patchwork Life. Becca

Jackie said...

Hey-- I saw your comment at Not Quite Sure-- I have a new blog now! Come see! And let me know which Gilman info you were looking for, and I'll see what I can find.