Friday, March 6, 2009

We need to change our vocabulary

If abortion is intended to destroy a fetus, then we need to change our vocabulary. A "late-term-abortion" really needs to be renamed "premature birth" and performed in such a way that the fetus is given the chance to live. It is rediculous that premature babies are born every day and survive, with and without developmental dissabilities, yet we still allow a fetus to be destroyed at a stage of development when it is considered viable. I am for induction or c-section for a premature birth when the health of the mother is jeopardized in a physical, life-threatening way or even in a mental way. It doesn't matter. If a mother with illness can be helped by terminating the pregnancy, it should be done, but the fetus should not be terminated.

I am one of millions of women who was made ill by my pregnancy and needed to have my child early to save my own life. We were given a long list of things that could go wrong because the baby was going to be born too early. However, due to the expertise at a wonderful hospital, I was fine and our daughter, now 3, is wonderful with no dissabilities.

Of course, there will be the argument that no one wants to pay for a premature birth of an unwanted baby. But guess what? You already pay for millions of full-term and premature births every year through Medicaid. What's a few more? Besides, a couple waiting to adopt a baby would get even more time with their baby if they could adopt it while it is still in the NICU and they could even take on some of the cost of medical care.

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