Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Updates to the List

List I feel good about:

1. Daria (sweet cat) will be staying with my sister (or someone else, but we know she'll be taken care of and given back).

2. Jupiter (very unsweet cat) will be "given away" (aka put down).
(This isn't something I really feel good about. It's sad. But I feel good the decision has been made. Though every day I feed her and realize her days are numbered it's really depressing.)

3. I found out I did NOT get the job at the charter school. So now I'm focused on teacher fairs and sending out more resumes.

List I do not feel good about:

1. Charter schools, private schools, schools that advertise for openings want experience. I do not have professional experience. How am I to get that if I don't start working without experience? I have life experience, dammit!

2. Will and I are more and more stressed and tend to bicker more and G has made it apparent she does not like it and that makes me sad because she's 3 and shouldn't have that stress.

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