Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Unknown

We're going to dinner at the home of people I do not know and have never even seen, probably. Will met the guy at poker...they've been playing together there for a while, and he invited us over for a cook-out. They have three kids a little older than ours, so the girls should have a good time playing. The weather is BEAUTIFUL, so maybe we'll be outside. I had Will check on bringing a salad. He didn't really understand why he had to check, but what if the guy's wife is already making a salad? You have to check when you are invited somewhere. So, I'm bringing a salad. And the only ranch dressing that doesn't give S a rash. I'm hoping they'll grill some chicken, but I'm expecting only hotdogs and hamburgers and, as you know, I'm not eating beef (except for that hotdog the other night and I felt terrible). Maybe they'll have potato salad or something else. Time to go!

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