Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two Lists to Ease My Mind

Things I feel good about:
1. I have a summer camp job doing something I actually want to do (teach art/art history) in the city where I want to live.

2. My 6 year old benefits from my summer camp job because she'll get to attend the camp (at a reduced rate automatically deducted from my pay) and enjoy swim lessons every morning, art activities (including my class), sports and games, and science. The only thing missing is music so I am awaiting dates for auditions for an all-children's-chorus in a near-by town to where we'll be living. Auditions will be April or May and if S gets to do that, she'll have a very well-rounded summer ahead of her.

3. We know when we're moving (for the most part). It's actually a very flexible thing, but it's probably happening the first week of May. At this point I'm not going to transfer S to another school for the remaining 4 weeks of school, so she'll get a nice break before our busy summer schedule starts.

4. My parents and brother are being very accommodating to us for our extended stay with them. My bro is moving back to the basement and fixing it up to be his master suite so we can have his room across the hall from the girl's room, which already has twin beds and a dresser. We'll only have to rent a small truck to take our necessary belongings up as most of it can stay here in my in-law's house (where we've been living for 3.5 years while they live elsewhere).

Things I am concerned about:

1. Will getting a job.

2. Getting health care.

3. Finding childcare for G when the time comes. Also, not being home with her because I'll be working full-time and she's not going to like that.

4. Finding a home (or homes) for our two cats as they cannot come to my parent's house, but we want to take them back when we move out to our own place.

And finally, the one thing I really want to add to the list of things I feel good about:

5. Securing a fall teaching position for myself. I was up to MD last week to teach a sample lesson for a school and had an interview and I'm anxiously awaiting word from them, very anxiously. I seriously cannot wait to hear from them. I just want to know, even if it's bad news and they've decided I'm not right for their school. I want to be able to move on. It's only Tuesday and I'm hoping to hear from them this week... pleeeeease!

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Jackie said...

Hey, where did you interview? Was it in Baltimore? Let me know: patchworkjackie (at) gmail (dot) com.