Friday, March 20, 2009

Laundry Lamentings

Last weekend my worst laundry nightmare happened: a blue crayon got washed with S's clothes and melted in the washer. Most of it melted to the side of the lint trap, but a few pieces of clothes were stained and after multiple soakings and washings didn't get cleaned. As for the dryer I took the door off and scrubbed that with comet because it was smudged blue. I took the lint filter apart and scrubbed the inside of the dryer with a magic eraser and then comet and a plastic scouring pad. Fortunately, all the crayon came off. We tested with some old white t-shirts before putting other clothes in the dryer.

Today was G's turn to give me a laundry issue by leaving a pull-up in one of her pajama pants and putting it in her hamper. As I started pulling clothes out of the washer I thought maybe a tissue had gotten washed, though I didn't remember putting in any sweater or jacket with a pocket. Then as I kept pulling I saw all the little absorbent clear stuff that gets everywhere when a saturated diaper or pull-up gets torn apart by, say a dog, or a washing machine! Basically the pull-up was so disintegrated all that was left was fuzz on the clothes. So back through the wash that load is going. Hopefully it will all be gone when it's done.

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