Monday, February 23, 2009


Little did you know, I've been sick. Or maybe you did if you're a facebook friend. Well, I had a nasty cold. On top of the nasty cold I was having reflux every night even with the head of the bed lifted up 4 inches. I had reflux during the day too and pretty much lost my voice and had to whisper everything for a few days while doubling my reflux med. Fortunately, I already had a physical scheduled and my doc switched my reflux med. After three days on it I finally had a night without reflux last night. Also, it's a single dose daily, rather than a double dose like I was doing, which would have been too expensive.

I awoke this morning to a substitute call! Yay! It was for art at elementary school, too! So, since I had such a great night's sleep and my cold is pretty much gone, I had a good day of work.

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