Sunday, January 4, 2009

This embarrassing mom made Baked Samosas

Thanks to my sister's gift of a Border's gift card, I got You Won't Believe It's Vegan and made Baked Samosas today. I used tortillas made with corn and wheat and they were so good I had 5. Will said that was the number at which they stopped being healthy. Good thing because I was pretty full by that time. G was in a non eating mood, so basically she had a 0 calorie dinner because she only ate 5 pieces of cucumber and maybe an eentsy taste of samosa. S loved them and had two and will be having the last two in her lunch tomorrow. But not to worry! I have extra filling so I can make myself some more freshly baked samosas tomorrow! YAY! It will be very delicious after-gym food, as long as I don't get a sub job. Food after a workout is always better. Why is that? I can't believe I used to actually get fast food after working out. ICK. I am so much happier I broke that addiction. I was seriously addicted to burgers. Gross. I'm down to poultry and fish for my meats now and I couldn't be happier. I'd do turkey burger, but I'm afraid I would just start a worse craving for burgers.

The kids are back to school tomorrow which means no more sleeping in for me and W. It's been wonderful to just sleep in and let the children play in the morning. We still hear them through our snoozing and G checks on us often sometimes snuggling up with me--love that. She is such a snuggly, sweet, loving girl these days, giving kisses and vocalizing her love for me.

As for the OTHER one, the SIX year old, apparently I "embarrass her wherever we go." Those were her words. My metaphorical heart was both broken and swelling with pride at the same time! I knew the day would come. At two she would tell me to stop talking to myself when I thought out loud while driving. I'd just tell her I was allowed to talk to myself while I thought and to stop bossing me. It's nice that she fully understands embarrassment now because I told her on Friday while shopping that she was embarrassing me with her behavior. That made her think. See, in stores where she's bored she gets all weird and walks crazy and spins around and I don't want her bumping into other people, or me.

I got to visit my first Dave and Barry's which was a mess and mostly empty because it's going out of business. I tried on two pairs of shorts. One was Dave and Barry's and one was Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker. The D&B's fit, but were just a little too snug on the waist, which sat right on my hips. The Bitten pair was the same number size, but was huge in the waist! What is with sizes these days? I've found that when shopping in misses sections of department stores I am now a small, where before I was always a medium. At Old Navy I'm usually a medium, which is the size of the jacket and sweater I got there, but the shirt I'm wearing right now, that I got for $5, I had to get in a large. Strange.

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