Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009

My in-laws, being on vacation in London, called at 7 to wish us happy New Year, so that's pretty much when I rang it in, too. I was asleep by 10pm. I had a good reason: Cardio BLAST! at the YMCA. I'm just braggin here. I did it. I set my alarm and got up at 7:30 (okay, 7:45--I've been sleeping in embarrassingly late recently) had breakfast and got out to the Y to start the class at 9. Four instructors were there to each take a half hour. The first hour was all step aerobics. The third part was kickboxing and the fourth was ab work and some weight lifting and cool down. It was awesome. I've come to find I'm not a big sweater. What's that about? I used to sweat so badly during puberty, that sucked. I see women with wet hair, sweat spots on the backs of their shirts, but I don't get sweaty like that anymore. I get all red in the face... all over really, and itchy. Someone told me why that was, but I forget. I think if I were working out like that in hotter weather I'd be sweatier. Actually, recalling stroller strides through the summer, I was sweatier and it felt good. It's way too cold in the Y, especially in the summer, and they run fans in the room. It's better for the muscles for it to be warmer. At one point during the last part we were alternating between sitting on our steps lifting weights and laying back on our steps doing crunches and I laid down and saw stars at my peripheral vision. I stayed still until they went away and it only happened that once. I wonder if my blood pressure got a little high, or if it was just the changes between sitting and laying after doing all that cardio. I don't suffer from high blood pressure, but it runs in my family and I had preeclampsia during my last pregnancy.

Anyway, go me! I want my husband to exercise, too. I tell him about all the men I see in the classes and the married couples. But he has to want to do it and he doesn't really want to. Not really, though he says he does. It's more likely he wants to WANT to. You know how it is.

My New Years resolution: To keep focusing on MY health and the health of my children. I can control what I eat and how much I exercise and I can offer my children the best food for their health.

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Gina said...

Okay, sorry about the email thing. I had people reply to my comments, but I guess they use wordpress.

Anyway! All I said in the email that I didn't say in my last comment was that someone from the Natural Dentist Company left a comment on the same post you commented on, offering free samples to any of my blog readers who email her. Might be worth a try before going out and spending money on a new toothpaste :)

Way to go getting up early for cardio blast! Sounds like you had a great time. I worked out first thing this morning too, good way to start the year!!