Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Food Blog Post: Seitan

I love food blogs. The pictures are so cool. I've been wanting to post some food-blog type entries, so here's one about seitan.

So far I have made two dishes using seitan. It's "chicken-style" so it's very easy to use and the kids thought it was chicken.

The first dish I made was Stir-Fry. I chopped up red onion, red peppers and broccoli while the seitan was "browning" in the skillet. Then I removed the seitan and put the red onion and fresh garlic in the skillet. I added the peppers after a few minutes. Once they got soft I added in broccoli and the seitan and sprayed on some Bragg's. I served it over brown rice and it rocked. The kids loved it. My husband was grossed out when he saw me remove the seitan from the container, so he wouldn't even try it. I'm grossed out by the Thanksgiving turkey carcass, but I still eat turkey, for now. Geeze. Here's my lovely dish:

So, then the children got a DVD from the library of Maurice Sendaks stories and poems with a segment called "The Nutshell Kids" with music by Carole King. It came out in 1985, so Will and I remember them. I remember "Chicken Soup With Rice" very well, while Will remembers them all. After getting Seitan again, I decided to make Chicken-style seitan soup with rice. I did use Free-range chicken broth for the authentic taste and because it was on-sale at the organic market. I cut corn off the cob and used left-over green onions and rosemary as well as a variety of dried spices like basil and oregano and whatever I thought smelled like it would be tasty in soup. I cut the seitan into small pieces and kept half of it for use in another stir-fry this week. Here's the process, missing many steps, in picture format:

The verdict? Kinda bland. But still good. Best with toast. Even Will ate it, though he said he knew in the back of his mind the chicken wasn't right. Later, for dinner when the leftovers contained no broth, I wrapped the rice/corn/seitan concoction in a wheat tortilla with chopped avocado and it was soooo good!

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