Thursday, January 22, 2009

The feeling of relief

Before the holidays, my art department chair at my university gave me the number of a woman who had called looking for someone to illustrate a children's book. Since I had done a children's book for my final advanced studio class, he thought of me right away. Well, I got together with the woman and looked at some of her ideas for her book. It's about God's creation of Heaven and angels and Lucifer and the war in Heaven. This is one site where she showed me the depiction of the walls of heaven. At the meeting she didn't want to get too into her actual manuscript, so she left me to read it.

I'm feeling relieved right now because I just called and told her I couldn't do the illustrations. I told her she had a wonderful manuscript and I could tell she needed a lot of detailed illustrations to bring it forth and at this time in my life I just couldn't devote the time needed. She was very understanding and is a very warm person, so I'll just be mailing her manuscript back.

Even though when I first spoke to her and she gave me her basic idea of the book I had trepidations about the religiosity of it, I thought, it's work. But it's a very long manuscript and it's for middle school age children, so it needed more realistic drawings and that's not how I operate. Most importatnly, I just don't agree with the basic subject content. Catholic Encyclopedia explains why. It gives the historical basis for much of the content of the Book of Revelations. Catholics do not interpret the Bible literally and understand that it is a reflection of the points in history in which it was written. They do interpret the Bible. And that's how I was rasied. So, I couldn't work on a project that was meant to teach children that there is LITERALLY a walled-in Kingdom of Heaven where a river runs through and doors are giant pearls. I couldn't actually draw God based on His description in Revelations. It's just absurd to think we could possibly know what God looks like.

So, now that Must See TV (is it still called that? probably not, but those 90s were good times) is about to start, I'll go sip my wine (which probably helped me make that phone call this evening!) and enjoy my relief. Aaaaahhhhh. So goooood.

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