Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Crazy

I really can't see this person as an intelligent human. Recently she said this:

Next year this time, we'll find out if our new "Halfrican" president is really black or just another white liberal. If he's black enough to say the "brothers should pull up their pants," surely Obama can just say no to Kwanzaa.

Basically, she's an intolerant bigot. She should not be allowed to speak on news networks and the NBC ban should remain, though it probably won't. She should not speak for Christians or Christianity because she does not uphold the teachings of Jesus. When I hear her speak of Jesus and Christians it makes me want to completely separate from the Church. Fortunately she doesn't like Catholics, though. Probably because many of us tend to be liberal. She should be happy about the church becoming more conservative of late, but that's my next post.

Watch clips of her interviews and you can see the interviewers are incapable of understanding how she can speak the way she does. She IS the definition of bigotry.

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