Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Application Happy

I'm getting kind of obsessed with appying for jobs. I've applied to school systems, of course. But now I'm applying to Charter Schools that accept applications directly and also to positions at community colleges. I just got an application done for a summer camp to teach art. I have another summer camp to apply to. It's one my sister worked at last year, so that could help me. I finally have another little glimmer of hope. If you don't remember, I had an interview in November at an elementary school in MD, but didn't get the job which was supposed to start in Dec. There is a new public school starting in Balt. next year that will only have kindergarten the first year and then add a grade each year. I emailed the founding principle about their need for an art teacher and she said she'd love for me to apply but would like to call me Thurs. or Fri. about what the job would be like. I guess she'll tell me it's only a part-time position since they'll only have 5-6 classes of kindergarteners. However, how awesome would that be to have the position of THE art teacher at a new school? I'd be set! So long as the school was a success. It's a public school, but it's sort of a charter school, because it's run by a non-profit organization. I have high hopes for its success, though, because they already run a middle/high school that is very successful in the city. I would definitely take such a part time job and then search for other part time employment such as at private schools which could be competitive with public school pay.

So, would you please send me positive vibes, prayers, whatever you do that I get a summer camp job lined up AND a job for the school year. Now Will just has to get his apps going. He's got a couple in the works, so hopefully he will get something lined up before graduation as well.

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