Saturday, November 1, 2008

What I did today...

Filled out teaching applications for the Baltimore area. 3 counties, specifically. Only one had an online application. The other two I had to print. Then I had to write cover letters to let them know that I'm student teaching and to tell them about my online education portfolio. I also had to make copies, in triplicate, (what a fun word to use) of my praxis scores (totally awesome) and my transcripts (unofficial) AND my student teaching evaluations from my cooperating teacher and university supervisor (also awesome). On top of that I have to get some other reference forms to the aforementioned people and one other college professor.

See, I've applied to SIX counties in NENC. However, there are NO openings at this awkward time of graduation in December, at least not for art. Will always said it's too bad you'll be boxed in to just teaching art, but I really do NOT want to teach elementary school regular classes. On top of there not being any known open positions, there are three other women graduating with me whom I am competing against. If you've kept up, you'll remember I already went to an interview where one of them was also interviewing. There is reportedly one teacher who was asked to come back after he retired a few years ago and is looking to retire again, maybe after this year. One of my fellow student teachers has a daughter in his class right now and is a local gal, so really if anyone should get the job it's her. Though I'd interview if it were to open up for next semester. She could just have it after me! I don't think that'll likely happen.

So, I'm applying for the MD schools. Ideally I'd start in the fall. Will is applying for BCTR to start training this summer and then teach in the fall. I need to also get a job by the fall. Right now, though, I'm thinking the big "what if." What if I get hired for next semester. First of all, that would be awesome because I want to work. We need money to move permanently. How would we do it? We'd stagger a move of sorts. I'd go up and get everything arranged for the kids: S to a new school (best scenario is it's the elementary school where I teach) and G to a full day day care near where I teach. Then the girls and I would move in with my parents for a little while (a month maybe) until we can save the money for renting a house. The downside is Will has to stay here during the week to finish his last semester. The good side is he could also substitute teach on the days he doesn't have class so we can save even more money to move our belongings up to the new house. And that's where the staggered move starts because we'd really only take the necessities for the semester and then get everything else later. It's only 4 months of Will in school here...not too bad.

I'm extremely anxious about getting a job. I want to have one so badly that I'll probably not enjoy my break for the holidays as much as I would if I had a job lined up already. Because, it's not a break if I don't. It's just me being done with school.

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Liane said...

damn. i didn't know will still had more school and u guys would be "stagger" moving. do mom and dad know?