Sunday, November 9, 2008

One week after applying

I sent in my applications to 3 MD counties this past Monday. Now I have two interviews ahead of me this week. So FAST! The first interview is Tuesday with an elementary school in Anne Arundel county. The position is split between two elementary schools and they wanted me to come up as soon as possible because they want to fill the position quickly. I'm not even sure when it would start. Maybe for the next semester? I haven't even had the pre-screening interview yet and the Vice principle called today, Sunday! The second interview IS a pre-screening interview for Balt. Co. schools, so it's at the board of ed. with human resources personnel. Howard Co. still hasn't contacted me. Now I'm going through all the what-ifs and how we'd make this work. Yes, Liane, Mom and Dad know because Mom said the girls and I could stay there. We'd come back to NC after the school year ended to pack up the house and wait until closer to the next school year to rent a place in MD. See, I'd be able to save up enough for two months rent, but not enough to rent and pay bills, cover day care and afford to eat on just one salary. So, we'd have to start renting right before we start a new school year so we could pay subsequent rent with subsequent pay checks.
Tonight I'm getting all my materials ready for the interview because I'll be traveling right after student teaching tomorrow. I also need to get mostly packed tonight. Eck. It has begun! It's exciting, but stressful.

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