Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Moving on

I have let go the hope of getting the Anne Arundel elementary school position. The job is supposed to start Dec. 1 and it's just too close now. I've moved on. I put in another application. Don't freak out. Baltimore City. Yes, the INNER city. Chill. Okay, there are students at this (the one I've been studeng teaching in) little 'ole rural high school who ARE in gangs currently. Students are absent all the time because of court dates. A student was recently in the paper because he was arrested as being part of a gang and part of a group responsible for lots of theft and drive-by shootings. A student of mine, the one who allegedly threw the highlighter out the bus window at my windshield, was taken away in handcuffs a couple days after that incident for missing a court date. I feel very safe at the high school in which I student taught. However, I did stay on my toes and aware. High school students are big. The guys are much, much bigger than me. Generally, though, students were respectful.

Why Baltimore City? Well, for starters, we want to live there. I still have this dream of working where I live and having my children go to my school. I will only work in a Baltimore City elementary school. I'm not so naive to think that I could handle city high schoolers without maturing some first. They know I'm young and wouldn't have immediate respect because of it.So, wouldn't it be awesome to get a job in an elementary school in an area of the city that we'd want to live? So, that might not happen. And if it doesn't then it's back to our previous plan where our kids go to school where we live and do before/after school care and Will and I commute to our schools.

Will has his BCTR interview coming up. He will teach middle or high school if he's accepted, which I believe he will be because men are needed in the teaching capacity.

Right now I'm looking forward to the holidays and then plan on substitute teaching as much as possible while hopefully getting a position secured in Baltimore for next fall.

This weekend I'm living in the now as much as I can and planning for S's 6th birthday and Christmas. I'd like to get all the gifts done asap.

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