Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I want this job

I really, really do. One week ago today I interviewed for an art position split between two elementary schools. I was called on a Sunday afternoon and told that the following Friday would be too late and I should come in earlier. I went up to MD Monday night and interviewed Tues. Then I went back Friday and met the art coordinator for the county. Usually, she interviews applicants before they see principles. We did it backwards. That was ok with me. I was interviewed by one of the school's vice principles, who was the one to call me. He was very nice, showed me around the school, said they still had more candidates to interview and I would hear from human resources because human resources has the final say. So, I emailed the vice principle today thanking him for the interview and assuring him I would be available to start on the date he had said and gave him the link to my online education portfolio. He emailed me back saying the principle was still continuing to do interviews and I would be hearing from human resources as soon as the two schools reached a decision.

So, I'm anxious and stressed. The stress of traveling to MD and the three interviews I had last week (one was just a prescreening for another county) have caused my acid reflux to flare up like I'm not even on Prevacid. I'm having to add prilosec in the morning and continue with prevacid at night. I just want to get this job so badly. I want to have the security. I want Will to be able to enter BCTR without having the worry of whether or not I will have a job. Because, if we don't both have jobs we can't move. If I don't work this next sememster, we won't have money to move in the summer even if we DO have jobs. So, if you pray, then pray for me regarding this job. Maybe it won't happen because it really wouldn't be the best scenario. I do think things work out for the best sometimes. But I am praying that I get this job and can just relax and focus on teaching and not the "what if."