Wednesday, November 26, 2008

103 posts

I totally missed marking my 100th post. Oh well. I am absolutely in LOVE with Pandora. You have to check it out. I made a Beyonce station. I'm still personalizing it because it's putting a lot of the slower ballad-type R&B songs and I like more upbeat dance-type. That's the great thing about Pandora, the stations are made to your tastes. You can ban certain songs and artists. It's great!

Today was spent cleaning house. Not so much for the family who is visiting but for me because I haven't done much thorough cleaning during this student teaching semester. I'd usually straighten up the office and living room, help the girl's clean their rooms, then vacuum. I only did the bathrooms once top to bottom during the 14 weeks. I did keep up with the mirrors, sinks, and toilets, though. I'm not gross. I like having a clean slate for the holidays. I had some fun with magic sponges.

Will has been baking pies and preparing side dishes for tomorrow. I put the kids to bed and then watched some Beyonce videos and searched for the Justin Timberlake clip from SNL, but of course it's been removed. Inlaws are coming in this evening dropping off the grandparents at their hotel. They're bringing two dogs as well. Sister-in-law is coming tomorrow suppossedly with a new b/f. Should be a very interesting Thanksgiving. Kids are both sick. Had them in the doctor today so they're on antibiotics now. G just keeps getting eye infections from her colds, yuck. First year at preschool and she is always sick. Fortunately I'm staying healthier now that I'm eating better.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I'm thankful to be in a nice, warm home with my family.

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