Sunday, October 12, 2008

More on the journey to raw

So, I'm on this raw journey, right? It's where I focus on eating as much raw food as possible each day. Well, it's going well. I needed another goal, though, a shorter term goal. Raw will take year(s) to acheive. So, right now I'm focusing on being vegetarian every day and eventually vegan. I figure if my DD can do I, I can do it. (She's allergic to dairy and egg) The only dairy I've had in a loooong time has been butter and a little in my chocolate. I haven't had eggs for a long time as well.

I just realized today, that it will be nice to move because of the clean start with food and friends. Right now, the only meat the kids are eating is poultry. I'm find with that right now. I'm having a hard time giving it up as well. I don't want W to change more than he wants to, but it is difficult when he makes chicken because I do like it. So maybe what I'll do is just say I'll eat fish and poultry for now, but no eggs or dairy. I could do that. Then, when I'm ready, I'll say no more. And really, we won't be having meat every day anyway. I don't make it for family dinner at all. W makes it during the day when he's at home. I suggested getting chicken and cooking it to make sandwiches for the girls through the week. It's much better than deli meat. THAT we HAVE given up. It's just not good for you, though it's been a favorite of mine all my life.

So, right now 1. No dairy or eggs, 2. Fish and Poultry is the only meat I and the kids will consume, 3. Still focus on raw breakfast, lunch and then cooked vegetarian/vegan dinners.
Easy enough!

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