Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Voted

This morning S and I went to a Get Out the Vote Rally. (Doesn't she look like me when I was a kid, minus the curls?) The rally itself was a wash out because it was cold and rainy this morning. Usually there is a Market on the waterfront downtown every Sat. and we were going to have the rally on the waterfront as well in a different section. All week until Friday the temps were in the 80s and sunny. Then, Fri. it got colder and rainy. The Sat. market is usually very busy, so that would have been great for the rally. Still, we had it in a pavilion at a park near the waterfront and the pavilion was full. All ages were represented, though I think I was the youngest woman there (besides my 5 year old). I missed hearing Gov. Deval Patrick of Mass. speak because I decided last minute to go with S when she said she really wanted to go. The girls are sick and with the cold weather we didn't want to take them both out. But S is not so sick as G and so we went. Then we went to the Board of Elections and voted. I put my sticker on my shirt under my coat just to avoid any controversy. S said in a loud whisper "You're voting for Obama, right?" Shh, of course, I told her. She was quiet and watched the ballots being slid into the box near us. We both got "I voted" stickers and put them next to our Obama/Biden stickers on our shirts. Then we went to Wal-Mart to show them off... and to get some laundry detergent amongst other items. While getting pseudofedrine at the Pharmacy counter (cuz it's a dangerous drug) the pharmacy associate, a white-haired white woman, said "I see you've voted for Obama. Good job!" There were quite a few white-haired white folks at the rally, a group of white men around my age, then both white and black people in between. Oh, and I got an Obama/Biden yard sign. We'll see if it gets shot up like our last one was. And my in laws are visiting this weekend, so that'll be interesting. I wonder if they'll have an issue with it because it's their house and they'll be living in it in the near future. I mentioned this to W, but he said they could just put up a sign saying "the crazy liberals have moved."

The McCain/Palin sign in front of the high school was gone after two days. I also noticed today an Obama sign was gone from the corner near our house which is across from a Methodist church, not that I'm accusing anyone. A couple other election signs remained though.

Oh, this is interesting. On the 13th our local paper had an article about how the assoc. dean of humanities at our local HBC abused power by sending out an email back in Sept. to all students encouraging support of Obama. I had actually emailed her right back after reading the email and she didn't know what I was talking about. When I responded that I was asking about the Obama email, she said she needed to check with I.T. about it. Apparently she thinks someone hacked into her mail and sent it out. Whatever. I sent an email to the student list moderator about today's rally and they refused to send it out to students. I'm not surprised. Guess they don't want to get in trouble again.

A woman at church last weekend wore a McCain/Palin button. I don't think it's appropriate. She was in good company though as she and the nursery woman talked excitedly about going to see Palin at a rally this past week. We do advertise for Obama on our car at church, but it would be overboard to wear an Obama button or shirt to mass.

Caught a bit of O'Reilly yesterday and they were talking about the Catholic church and how they should tell everyone in the congregation they can't receive communion if they are for birth control or abortion. Didn't even mention that a priest cannot deny anyone communion. It's up to the individual to decide if she/he is worthy of communion. Before the primaries there was a story on NPR about this man who was refused communion by his priest because he was a known Obama supporter. He explained that a priest is not allowed to do that. I could totally see our deacon doing that. Not our priest, though. He's seems to be a pretty liberal guy.

I'm glad they have early voting here in NC and that it was open on Sat. The elections office was quite busy and it wasn't all because of the rally. It's pretty awesome to be living in this state for this election, as opposed to MD where it's usually blue. This time our vote will really matter. I think Obama could actually win NC.

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