Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can your vote make a difference?

Go here to make a personalized video to send to friends. It is hilarious!

Here's mine, though I've already voted, so it can't happen!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What an awesome site. It's the new Napster. It's radio. It's free. It's personalized.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Student Teaching...

...will soon be over! I only have 3 more weeks after this week. This is my last week at the high school full time! I am so sad! I will miss these kids. I'm finally getting the hang of it and I'm fully into a routine with these kids. At first my university supervisor wanted me to switch with another student teacher at the middle school, but I feel like middle school is so similar to high school level I don't want to just switch. Besides, I love my placement! I asked to be able to just go around visiting different schools of every level during the mornings and then return to the high school to work with the afternoon classes. The new teacher coordinator is working on setting that up. It is so surreal that I am actually graduating. Unfortunately, I will probably have to substitute teach as there are no openings anywhere in the area.

My kids and my husband are both very sick right now. Well, S isn't very sick. She's been going to school, but has been fighting a cold for two weeks now. G is the sick one with aches and pains and fluid in her ears. I won't be at all surprised if she gets a double ear infection. Will (he wants me to use his full name so no one reading will think "dubya" as in George Dubya Bush) just went to urgent care because his ear is hurting. Maybe he blew out his ear drum. G did that when she was 2, but it had already mostly healed before we knew it had happened.

I am sick, but only moderately so. I fully credit my diet. I'm going to have plant juice this evening and then some left-over bulgur wheat-stuffed pepper and zucchini my mom made when she visited. Yum. I used to never get moderately sick. I would just get really sick and have completely stuffed sinuses and aches and feel very bad. I know Will wishes I'd stay home to give him a hand, but I'm really not sick enough to stay home and he's coping alright, especially since S can go to school.

My cooperating teacher was at an education conference today and will be again tomorrow. A young woman my age is our substitute. She just moved here to NENC this past July. She's originally from "South Jersey," but lived in L.A. the last three years with her Coastie b/f. It was absolutely WONDERFUL to see the school and the town from the perspective of a northerner. She said it seemed a little backwards and she's totally bored. Fortunately, she got right into the certification program at our local university and is working towards special ed. certification. She had completed her degree in history and secondary education except for her student teaching, so she didn't get the ed part of the degree. She's subbing and waitressing because there are no teaching positions open in social studies. Will thought it would be easy to get such a position, but it's not easy to get ANY position. A lot of students are graduating from college all across the country this year. My own student teaching class is the largest in a long time. I'm afraid it will be VERY competitve to find a teaching position here AND in MD. Anyway, it was very nice meeting her and she'll be back tomorrow. I wonder if she noticed my accent. I kind of slip into the southern/country accent very easily and I notice it more when I talk with northerners, like my mom or my friends. I noticed it today when I addressed the class to get their attention. I believe I said "ya'll" and kept right up with the twangy accent. It's not strong by any means, but it's there. It makes me feel good when people ask me where I'm from because I obviously don't speak with the accent of this region. Some girls from Tennessee once told me they loved my accent. That was weird.

Oooh, I'm getting the strange, achy, floaty kind of feeling in my body I get when I'm sick and on pseudophedrine. Not sure if it's from being sick or from the meds. I love REAL pseudophedrine, not that hydrocrap. It doesn't even bother me that I have to get it from the pharmacy and have my liscence number recorded with it, as long as I get it!

My in-house artist

I have to be "one of those parents," and share something my kid did. My 5 year old daughter drew this wonderful picture of my sister playing the piano and that's ME dancing. Apparently I took a long shower which made my normally poofy hair nice and smooth. Every picture is a narration. It's actually called the narrative stage. She's ahead of her age in art and has been since age two. Her small motor skills are just awesome. On average the narrative stage is this developed at age 7. Alright, that's the end of my bragging, for now. And here is the picture, ta da:

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Voted

This morning S and I went to a Get Out the Vote Rally. (Doesn't she look like me when I was a kid, minus the curls?) The rally itself was a wash out because it was cold and rainy this morning. Usually there is a Market on the waterfront downtown every Sat. and we were going to have the rally on the waterfront as well in a different section. All week until Friday the temps were in the 80s and sunny. Then, Fri. it got colder and rainy. The Sat. market is usually very busy, so that would have been great for the rally. Still, we had it in a pavilion at a park near the waterfront and the pavilion was full. All ages were represented, though I think I was the youngest woman there (besides my 5 year old). I missed hearing Gov. Deval Patrick of Mass. speak because I decided last minute to go with S when she said she really wanted to go. The girls are sick and with the cold weather we didn't want to take them both out. But S is not so sick as G and so we went. Then we went to the Board of Elections and voted. I put my sticker on my shirt under my coat just to avoid any controversy. S said in a loud whisper "You're voting for Obama, right?" Shh, of course, I told her. She was quiet and watched the ballots being slid into the box near us. We both got "I voted" stickers and put them next to our Obama/Biden stickers on our shirts. Then we went to Wal-Mart to show them off... and to get some laundry detergent amongst other items. While getting pseudofedrine at the Pharmacy counter (cuz it's a dangerous drug) the pharmacy associate, a white-haired white woman, said "I see you've voted for Obama. Good job!" There were quite a few white-haired white folks at the rally, a group of white men around my age, then both white and black people in between. Oh, and I got an Obama/Biden yard sign. We'll see if it gets shot up like our last one was. And my in laws are visiting this weekend, so that'll be interesting. I wonder if they'll have an issue with it because it's their house and they'll be living in it in the near future. I mentioned this to W, but he said they could just put up a sign saying "the crazy liberals have moved."

The McCain/Palin sign in front of the high school was gone after two days. I also noticed today an Obama sign was gone from the corner near our house which is across from a Methodist church, not that I'm accusing anyone. A couple other election signs remained though.

Oh, this is interesting. On the 13th our local paper had an article about how the assoc. dean of humanities at our local HBC abused power by sending out an email back in Sept. to all students encouraging support of Obama. I had actually emailed her right back after reading the email and she didn't know what I was talking about. When I responded that I was asking about the Obama email, she said she needed to check with I.T. about it. Apparently she thinks someone hacked into her mail and sent it out. Whatever. I sent an email to the student list moderator about today's rally and they refused to send it out to students. I'm not surprised. Guess they don't want to get in trouble again.

A woman at church last weekend wore a McCain/Palin button. I don't think it's appropriate. She was in good company though as she and the nursery woman talked excitedly about going to see Palin at a rally this past week. We do advertise for Obama on our car at church, but it would be overboard to wear an Obama button or shirt to mass.

Caught a bit of O'Reilly yesterday and they were talking about the Catholic church and how they should tell everyone in the congregation they can't receive communion if they are for birth control or abortion. Didn't even mention that a priest cannot deny anyone communion. It's up to the individual to decide if she/he is worthy of communion. Before the primaries there was a story on NPR about this man who was refused communion by his priest because he was a known Obama supporter. He explained that a priest is not allowed to do that. I could totally see our deacon doing that. Not our priest, though. He's seems to be a pretty liberal guy.

I'm glad they have early voting here in NC and that it was open on Sat. The elections office was quite busy and it wasn't all because of the rally. It's pretty awesome to be living in this state for this election, as opposed to MD where it's usually blue. This time our vote will really matter. I think Obama could actually win NC.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Up late by the power of a 3 year old

Child will not be held by the gate, so she is holding me up from going to bed. I think she might FINALLY be close to sleep at near 11 pm. This stinks. On another notes, the PUBLIC high school where I student teach has a McCain/Palin sign infront of it. How nice is that?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Why did McCain choose such a corrupt running mate?

Especially when he wanted his image to be of him fighting corruption in Washington. Olbermann talked about the latest corruption link this evening (Monday) while the Daily Kos talked about it two days ago. While I leave the real judging to God, this lady disturbs me a great deal. She comes off as a pious person who truly believes she is doing God's will, that the Iraq war is God's will and the Alaskan pipeline is God's will. I cannot stand people thinking they know God's plan or they know exactly what God wants them to do. Don't get me wrong, God is present in my life. I read this somewhere and it's how I feel: Your life is God's gift to you; what you do with it is your gift to God.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

More on the journey to raw

So, I'm on this raw journey, right? It's where I focus on eating as much raw food as possible each day. Well, it's going well. I needed another goal, though, a shorter term goal. Raw will take year(s) to acheive. So, right now I'm focusing on being vegetarian every day and eventually vegan. I figure if my DD can do I, I can do it. (She's allergic to dairy and egg) The only dairy I've had in a loooong time has been butter and a little in my chocolate. I haven't had eggs for a long time as well.

I just realized today, that it will be nice to move because of the clean start with food and friends. Right now, the only meat the kids are eating is poultry. I'm find with that right now. I'm having a hard time giving it up as well. I don't want W to change more than he wants to, but it is difficult when he makes chicken because I do like it. So maybe what I'll do is just say I'll eat fish and poultry for now, but no eggs or dairy. I could do that. Then, when I'm ready, I'll say no more. And really, we won't be having meat every day anyway. I don't make it for family dinner at all. W makes it during the day when he's at home. I suggested getting chicken and cooking it to make sandwiches for the girls through the week. It's much better than deli meat. THAT we HAVE given up. It's just not good for you, though it's been a favorite of mine all my life.

So, right now 1. No dairy or eggs, 2. Fish and Poultry is the only meat I and the kids will consume, 3. Still focus on raw breakfast, lunch and then cooked vegetarian/vegan dinners.
Easy enough!

Tucking G in tonight....

Context: G sleeps in a sea of books. She looks at them and then falls asleep amongst them. Yesterday we packed up all the books, except the newest ones, we had on the kid's book shelf and put them in the attic in exchange for another box of books we had put up there about a year ago. That way we don't have too many books. Many of them will be going on to future neices and nephews and some will be kept for future grandchildren (yes, we want them already!).
So, while tucking her in tonight, G (3 years old) says, "I so happy we have so many of these books."
Me: "I'm so happy I have you!"
G: "Me too. I so happy I have famawee (family)."

Aw, isn't that adorable. Writing this I realize that up until this past summer G struggled with using "I." She'd say "Me want..." and such. I'd always have her try to repeat whatever she'd said using "I," but usually she'd say "I,me," like, "May I, me have some more?"

A few nights ago I had read Little Critter's "Family" book. It's so cute. I'm proud to see my baby growing up. I got to hold a newborn last night, for just a minute. She was waking up to eat and was doing the grunt. I was afraid I'd start feeling let-down in my breasts, so I gave her back quickly. She was 7lbs 8oz when she was born and even though mine were both much smaller, it's been long enough that this tiny baby was really very, very tiny to me. G was shocked! She couldn't believe how tiny she was. That's how S reacted to G when she first saw her, shocked at how tiny. S kept asking questions like what the baby would eat or play with. Guess it's been too long and she was too young to remember G as a newborn other than maybe a few flashes of memories.

Truthfully, even after holding the baby, I'm not wanting another. I had a little bit of biological ticking right when I was turning 27 this past July. I would be doing something mundane, like driving or folding laundry, when all of the sudden I'd get an image of me with a new baby and my two girls and then I'd start thinking about how much age difference there'd be between the kids if I got pregnant right now and then I'd just come to and shake the thoughts out of my brain. I had once read an article that said women's eggs start "going bad" at age 27. How crazy is that? They go bad, like chicken eggs, yuck. The article said that is the age when most women start really feeling the drive to have babies. It's kind of a weird thought that I won't reproduce again. But at the same time I feel content with that and picture my future with ease. I was very sick with baby #2 and that is enough to make me say I never want to risk my life again.

Besides, I've got such wonderful girls I wouldn't want to jeopardize my time with them.