Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tropical Storm my ass

Hardly any rain. Some strong gusts of wind. The port-a-potty for the still-in-construction house across the street got blown over. A neighbor's mailbox was blown off the stand. Other than that, nothing really happened for us here in Northeastern NC. We need rain, though, so we're not happy. It looks like Ike is going down and around Florida now, so we won't be getting good rain from that either. Not that I want a huge hurricane to hit the OBX, but I have survived a category 2 while vacationing there and it was just fine. Rocked the house nicely so everyone could take a nap. So, a little hurricane would bring us all some nice rain which we need this year. Plus I could get some excused days from Student teaching. I love it, but it is exhausting!

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