Monday, September 8, 2008

Settling in... typical

First, I'm really settling in to the student teaching routine. I've gotten very comfortable in front of the students. I am pushing myself to expect more respect, as they chatter amongst themselves way to much for my taste sometimes. It's especially annoying when they will not stop their conversation when one student at a table needs help. I have adjusted to the cold temperature of the classroom. So have the students as they don't whine to turn the air conditioning off anymore as they did the first week. I am not as exhausted when I get home as I was the first week. Before my head was just spinning and my whole body was tired. Now, I am somewhat mentally tired at the end of the day, but I feel good about what I've done and I can just unwind with a little Oprah. My feet are not so sore anymore, but it helps to put them up for a little while right when I get home. Then I can fix dinner for the girls and enjoy the evening. My first lesson I developed and delivered is going well and I am proud of what the students are doing. I hope they are proud of themselves as well. Some are very difficult to motivate, but I'm still trying. Overall they like me, but I need to forget about that and work on getting their respect. I do respect them and, as I said, I need to push myself to demand more from them. Just as I am getting comfortable with them, they are getting comfortable with me and are becoming more forward. Today I got questioned about whether I had graduated from their high school and what year that was. Of course, I said, no I'm from MD and it's none of your business. The guess was class of 93. That would put me at about 32, which I believe is an average perceived age for myself based on my lifestyle, mostly the fact that I've been married 7 years and have two children. I am loving teaching high school and I will now start hoping and praying I can get a high school position here or at least when we move back to MD. I enjoy the assignments and the block schedule. I could do elementary, but I now know I WANT to do HS. Really, this whole experience is so wonderful. Mr. L, my cooperating teacher, gave me my first evaluation and it was very nice. He said that I was beyond what the average student teacher knows and is able to do with students at this stage in my career. Well, I'm not a timid 21 year old. I'm 27 and I'm ready to work! I told him, I'm ready to work and I considered lateral entry, but decided student teaching would be a helpful experience that I didn't want to miss if no jobs came along. Now I am SO glad I got this experience. I will be SO much more confident when I do get a job, no matter what level it is.

As for the typical, it's time for our first cold. Actually little 3 year old G has had the cold for a week now. W has had it for about just as long as well. G did get one hour at preschool last week, as she seemed well, but then turned for the worse again and spiked a fever. She and W have had fevers on and off for the whole week. A little boy at church had been in the hospital with pneumonia. I wonder if it's the same virus that caused his pneumonia to develop. S and I have been fine thus far. Yesterday I split chicken fries and french fries from BK with S. I'm not proud. Then I had a gyro sub with yogurt sauce from a nearby restaurant. So, of course this evening I started feeling stuffy up in my sinuses and itchy in the back of my throat. Now, I've been having allergy symptoms for the last few weeks, but this was different. This wasn't a slight stuffiness with itchy eyes. This was that interior tickle that happens when a virus is about to be expelled by your body via snot. So, I'm taking Beuller's advice and juiced two lemons. I made a lemonade with water and Stevia. I would have juiced an orange as well, but W finished them off with his juices today. We are loving our Breville juicer. It works wonderfully and the green/fruit juices do make filling meals. I'll have to have some more lemonade later today and then tomorrow morning to really give my body the Vit. C spike it needs to fight this off. We'll see how it works.

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saskia said...

I'm 33 and graduated in 93- I used to help at the middle school- students are so respectful nowadays- I much prefer teaching homeschoolers!