Monday, September 1, 2008

Palin Pregnancy Possibilities

I knew there would be talk about Palin's abilities to mother and be VP (or governer) at the same time. This would force us to examine how we think about women, mothers, and careers for women and mothers.

I did NOT expect anything like this. When I heard she had gone into labor and then taken a long flight, with a layover in Seattle, from Dallas to Alaska to have her baby I was astounded. How does that happen for a fifth pregnancy? But I just shook my head in wonder and went on with things. Now the rumors are flying and it's insane. Now I'm finding the baby was born a month premature and she actually gave a keynote address while leaking amniotic fluid. While I do agree that most American women have tummy pooches, this definitely deserves investigating. Read up for yourself. I'm sure I'll be posting more. I am looking forward to any forthcoming mainstream media attention on the issue.


saskia said...

I wonder how her pregnancy (Palin's) may have turned out, had she been honest about it- I can't imagine hiding it is emotionally healthy at all.

saskia said...

and how on earth did she hide it, i'm on my 6th kid and already showing at 10 weeks!