Sunday, September 21, 2008

New week

There is a new week starting tomorrow. Another Monday. I had a nice conversation with my Mom this evening and she is going to be visiting next month. I have that to look forward to. The family may be coming down for Thanksgiving or at least the weekend after and/or my graduation. They're not sure yet, but either way, they'll be here once before we go up for Christmas.

I ate poorly this weekend. I'm not going to dwell on it, but I will be putting my best foot forward (whatever that means) this coming week. I read my fill of Raw blogs this evening. So, I'm ready to get to juicing tomorrow morning. Juice in the morning, fruit for snack, veggies for lunch and a cooked vegetarian dinner. I am going to find a recipe to do for tomorrow based on what I already have. Shouldn't be too difficult. I have yet to get a decent vegan cook book, so that's my next step.

It's almost 9pm and I am getting tired! Back to teaching tomorrow and I do mean teaching. I'm "lecturing" (yeah, putting notes on the overhead) about value tomorrow. That's the art element value... nothing to do with finances. And we're starting a new project. Should be a fun week! Tiring, but fun. Very tiring. Okay, I'm not as psyched to be starting another week. I miss being home. I miss making my own daily schedule. I had forgotten how annoying it is to be tied to a strict schedule all day and then get home and be exhausted. School. I do love the block schedule, though. The day does go quickly.

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