Sunday, September 14, 2008


Elitists that really bother me are those who say "I don't want to pay for (fill in the blank) with my taxes when that blank supports the innocent in our society and/or the future of our society and/or this Earth.

First example: Those who don't want to pay for stupid teenager's babies. Regardless of how these people who say such things feel about sex ed. and birth control, their comment is despicable. The babies born to teenage mothers (or mothers who are older, but poor) are completely innocent human beings. They are also the future of our society. If we didn't have Medicaid to provide prenatal care and education and WIC to provide prenatal nutrition and then breast feeding support and formula (in different amounts based on how much breastfeeding the mother does), these babies would not be brought into this world in any kind of good health and might be fed plain cows milk, rice or soy milk, or even sugar water to quiet their crying. Then the babies would not have adequate brain development and would be labeled special ed. when they go to school. So at that point they would definitely be getting more help from our taxes. They may even need support for their entire lives because they didn't get nutrition as babies/young children.

Second example: I understand this woman believes that raw, vegan living cures/prevents all diseases and if you live that way you should not need to waste money on modern medicine. She does support naturopathic doctors, but believes modern medicine is a sham. I think it is screwed up. There are ways to heal without going right to drugs. The cost of health care is through the roof. The drug companies should not be advertising on television, IMO, telling you to ask your doctor about certain drugs rather than just talking about any symptoms/problems you have. However, I fully support a national health care plan. The before mentioned woman wrote this:

This issue is about personal responsibility for one's health instead of handing it over to somebody else. That is not a republic, that is socialism. A government's job is to protect freedoms. It's job is not to take away our personal responsibility and live our life for us! A person needs to take responsibility for their health. I would consider socialized health care if there were stipulations, like if you want an expensive treatment, you need to do your part and improve your diet. But as long as a person can soak up my tax dollars on the most expensive, least effective treatment plans, and continue in their lifestyles which causes the disease in the first place, I will not pay for their health care, and I will NOT support a corrupt government that encourages this.

I do believe we need to push for more responsibility and educate people on nutrition. If naturopathic doctors could be seen with national health care coverage that would be optimal. However, the bottom line is that NO ONEs freedom will be taken away with a national health plan. You will still have the freedom to choose if you want to enroll with the health plan, not have insurance at all, or stay with private insurance. Now, Obama does want to require children to have health insurance. Medicaid doesn't cover enough, so the health care plan would take care of the rest of America's children... the innocent... the future. Too many children are neglected because their parents cannot afford health care. Some people will get angry about a pet being neglected, but think about all the children who have teeth rotting out because they never see a dentist. If they saw a dentist the dentist would ask about their diet. If they found the children were drinking plain juice or milk all day and milk in sippies or bottles at night the dentist would explain to the parent how unhealthy all that sugar is for the child's teeth. If they are a progressive dentist they might explain how too much milk (or maybe even any milk) can block the absorption of vitamins and minerals because it's difficult to digest and that vitamin deficiency is causing the child's teeth to rot.

Then there's the issue of people refusing to change. Doctors will not do excessive surgery on people who refuse to change their lifestyle. They realize it is wasted money and time. But if someone has diabetes and refuses to change, they should still receive treatment and insulin to help them through whatever of their life they have left, as it will be shortened. THAT is a person's personal freedom. We cannot simply take away unhealthy food at grocery stores or outlaw cigarettes. We know it's not a way to live a healthy life. But just as people can live a happy life and never read for pleasure (I know, shocking!!!) they can live their life eating McDonald's and chips and whatever other junk they want to. To say they shouldn't be given medical treatment is elitism and a form of prejudice. If you feel that more should be done to help these ignorant people, then support causes that strive to educate the public on good nutrition.

WIC wants to offer fruits and vegetables on its checks for children. The food given is not good nutrition, but some people don't know better. Funding has not been made available for WIC to include fruits and vegetables except for short periods of time at Farmer's Markets in the summer. School lunches across the country need improved. At the HS where I'm student teaching the kids eat pizza, chicken nuggets, french fries. They had to do away with the salad bar because it was too expensive. They now have ready made salads, but probably very few kids choose them over the french fries and chocolate cookies. If they do serve any vegetables they were probably previously frozen and then cooked to mush so that no nutrition remains. Needless to say, my DD doesn't eat school food.

We can change our culture. It is slowly changing. Vegetarianism and Raw food is becoming more mainstream with restaurants opening across the U.S. Michelle Obama got a lot of slack because in her effort to show that she realizes how high food prices are affecting us, she cited how expensive arugula has become. Arugula? It's likely the Obamas eat a diet heavy in fresh fruits and vegetables. They represent the progressive side. Obama would do more to provide nutritional education and healthy school lunches than McCain would. Remember Palin's parent's bumper sticker? "Vegetarian--Old Indian word for Bad Hunter." Please, if you really want this country to progress (nutritionally and health-wise), don't vote for the closeminded-knee-jerk-decision-maker from another era and his NRA-member-sidekick. Besides, we all know what happens when VPs go hunting.


"this woman" said...

I totally agree with you about commericalism and meds. I am friends with a drug rep and to be honest, her occupation drives me crazy. Where are the morals there? If my doctor prescribes a drug, it should be because he feels it would benefit me the most, not because that drug rep bought him the yummiest lunch!! Grr...

Okay now let me stand up for myself a bit :) I didn't say that raw vegan diet cures health problems, but now that you mentioned it I am not going to argue. Although I do know of one woman who went raw but still died because apparently her intestines couldn't handle all the raw veggie fiber?? Hmm... Too bad she didn't try fruitarian eating or fasting. I would be curious if that would have cured her.

I actually don't prefer naturopaths but I think they are more effective. Personally I try to avoid doctors of all kinds just because I don't like how they push you around without informing you, and I'd rather have my health in my absolute control, and do the research for myself instead of taking someone else's word on everything.

So how do we get insurance companies to cover NDs?? and midwives?? The root of my emotion is that I hate how the government favors one method of treatment, and they take measures to hide the others, while letting all the unethical activity pass under the table (for instance, how the drug companies pay Ivy league schools millions of dollars as long as they don't teach natural healing - this is a fact! Can you believe it?)

I never had a dentist ask about my diet. And most dentists are NOT taught that an improper pH causes tooth decay. They still think it's something on the outside of the tooth instead of what's going on inside the tissues. Teeth decay because they are stored calcium, which needs to get re-directed to the body's tissues in order to buffer an acidic pH. So if a dentist were to ask about your diet, he needs to discourage not only sugars, but all processed foods and animal products.

By the way trans fats ARE illegal. And at a time earlier in history, so was alcohol. The reason these things are legal now is not because of freedom. It's because somebody bought off the government. I believe they should be legal, because guess what? Murder is illegal. We have as much freedom as we like as long as nobody gets hurt. That is real freedom. I don't think sick people are very free, are they? I don't think drunks are free. I don't think anybody addicted to porn is free. These people are slaves to their addiction, slaves to the consequence of their wrong choice. I hope one day we can really be free.

I know it's sad when families can't afford medical care, when they don't know any other way to treat their illness. But I'm sorry I just don't think socialized health care is the answer to that problem.

I really appreciate your optimism. I believe you. I think its slowly changing. And I am especially grateful for the internet because now these ideas can spread easily, vs. the reliance on commercials and magazines to obtain new information.

Thanks for your respect! I appreciate the challenge, and being able to hear another viewpoint. I totally respect you. I hope I have that in return, even though I disagree, and even though I'm a doggone elitist :)

Annalise said...

p.s. I know what you mean about deleting a comment before you read it! I have almost done this. One time I asked my husband to read it and delete it for me (because it would just make me so upset), but it turned out to be a positive one!

saskia said...

I agree with you, the babies are innocent. And guess what, medicaid paid for 4 of my children. I was also on WIC for years, and would have starved without it at times. I agree that America is irresponsible about their health, but not everyone has the truth, or is ready for it. There are so many factors that go into food and the way we eat. I was going to write a post on my whole thing because my story really is quite fascinating. I have lived a hard life and been on the other side of the tracks, so I think it makes me more open minded-sure, I think mom's should nurse and blah blah, but not everyone realizes all this... so we have to understand that and hopefully through our example, help them. I think a raw diet can cure an awful lot, but sometimes it may be too late, also, not everyone that eats a raw diet, eats amazingly organic pure foods (I can't even get them here) and that has a lot to do with it. I bet after a while, your acid reflux might pan out- but I do think 100% raw is the best bet to see if it works.

Lauren said...

Thanks for your comment Annalise. You made me laugh, in a good way, because of "this woman" and the ending. :-)