Saturday, September 20, 2008

Economic Web

So, all these banks and whatnot going under is no joke. W and I have been discussing the many possible ways we could be affected. We may not be able to get a mortgage in a year. We may be forced to rent for who knows how long. However, today I found an even more immediate connection. I went online to pay my credit card and scrolled down to look at the statement. Something caught my eye: AIG Inc Student Insurance! What? I've paid AIG?! I actually have student insurance through Pearce & Pearce. I'm pretty sure last spring when I made my previous payment it was billed to Pearce & Pearce. Now AIG owns it? Did they just buy it? How could they have bought it if they were in huge debt? P & P provides insurance to many colleges and universities. They fully reimburse ALL of my medications and pay for my doctors visits IN FULL! It is an awesome insurance and great for students. We've had no problem with them. In fact when they didn't bill us the first time around and sent me an email of cancellation I called them and they saw record of my enrollment, though it was on the wrong section of their website which didn't ask for payment. I simply paid over the phone and all was right. Back claims were filed. I can see how many innocent people (and countries) would be hurt if banks were just left to crumble.

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