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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bibles and Homos

Student teaching is on-going. Yesterday, when third block, which has lunch right in the middle of class making for some rowdy students, came back from lunch many of the students had little orange New Testaments. I asked one of the kids why they had them. He said "Some old guy was handing them out." He didn't know any more than that. Another kid said "I think he's from some church." Probably. Oh yeah, did I mention I teach in a public high school? Did I mention I teach in rural NC? Yes, I did in a previous post about prayer before teacher meetings the first week of school. So, I was feeling a bit odd seeing all the students coming in with half-Bibles, when I heard a student gasp, "You don't believe in Jesus?" The girl he was talking to responded, "I just said I'm not Christian. What more do you want?" When they saw I was watching and listening to them they stopped their conversation and got to work.

Theological discussions are great. They are fine for high school students to have... even at school! However, these conversations were spurred on by something that should NEVER have happened. Another table was discussing something about Judaism. When one student saw I was watching them he asked me if I was Jewish and proceeded to say that he has nothing against Jews, he just thinks it's funny how certain cartoon shows make fun of them. I explained that it's usually because the creators ARE Jewish. This is the same student who last week made a comment to the Indian kid about getting to White Castle. Obviously, he misses the point of all these racial stereotypes in comedies. Just like the Archie Bunker question: Did children who saw their parents laugh at how ridiculously ignorant and prejudice Archie was think that what Archie was saying was true and funny or did they realize their Archie was showing how wrong those views really were/are?

Anyway, back to the Bible thing. Just for reference, I went to a Catholic high school. I carried a Bible with me pretty much every day because it was a required text book for religion class. I see nothing wrong with using the Bible as a text, even in public school as long as other religions are given the same attention. For instance, a world religions class would be wonderful for public school... especially here. The students are so sheltered. There is so much racism and bigotry in this town.

Today when third block came back from lunch they were discussing whether or not someone was gay. I think I know who they were talking about and I believe he is probably gay. However, a friend was "defending" him saying he had a girl friend. The others didn't buy it and said it was just a cover up. Then one country boy proceeded to talk about how gay the kid had been to him and how his dad would beat him up if he got up in his face and was gay. That was about all I could take. At that point I told the kid that someone would go to jail for doing that. He disagreed. I explained how assaulting someone because of their sexual orientation is a hate crime and hate crime offenses are often given more punishment than other types of assault. He wanted to know how the judge would be able to prove it was a hate crime. I told him peole are subpoenaed and have to testify about the person and what they heard, just like people in this room have heard this conversation. He used the word faggot in conversation about 10 times today. I hate that word. Kids used it when I was in school, too.

After school I went to Wal-Mart. I went down the shaving aisle to get aftershave for W. There was a dad and his middle school aged son looking at the men's body washes. They were smelling them. The kid wanted to get one his dad didn't want him to get. Finally the dad told him it smelled gay. I think the kid still got it. More country folk. I have prejudice against rednecks and country people. I admit it. This is where I can say, yeah I'm an elitist. I don't want to associate with intolerant, ignorant people. These are the people who believe the propaganda and think that Obama is lying when he says he never was nor is a Muslim. But really, like it matters! So many Americans are prejudiced against Islam. Even my neighbor told me the other day that the Qur'an tells Muslims to kill anyone who isn't a Muslim. Sometimes when people say stupid shit like that I just say "hmm." But I didn't let that slide. I told her it does not and that Islam is a very peaceful religion and that the terrorists were extremists and not true Muslims because Muslims do not hurt innocent people and certainly not women and children. She didn't believe me either. But, again, this goes back to my Catholic education where I had an actual World Religions class and had Muslim classmates who gave us lots of info.

Sigh. W. Eugene Smith: "The only thing to be intolerant of is intolerance itself." It makes me feel justified in feeling the way I do.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CAT: missing

I would like to begin by pointing out that I tried to find Daria a new home. Daria is our black cat. She is a wonderfully sweet and loving cat who deserves attention. She doesn't get it from us. I devote little to no time with her daily. The children are fond of her, but they also give her only a little attention daily. I almost had someone who wanted to take her. I posted Daria on free cycle and a woman said she would adopt her, but wrote back later saying her husband did not want her to. I stopped trying to find her a new home and life continued.

When tropical storm Hanna came through NE NC, the cover for the crawl space under the house got blown out. A couple days later when W found it he put it back on. Close to two weeks passed. Both W and I had passing thoughts about not seeing Daria much, but nobody verbalized these thoughts. I knew I was busy and I realized I had gotten off schedule with feeding the cats as I normally do. I really didn't think Daria was missing. I thought it was strange our other cat Jupiter was coming to find me for food because usually Daria did that. I didn't really think it through.

Yesterday when I got home W asked when the last time was I had seen Daria. He and the girls had searched the house for her and called for her outside in case she had gotten out. She has gotten out a couple times and we've thought maybe she'd gotten out a couple times when she hadn't. That's when I realized it had been probably a week or more since I'd seen her. Yes, I felt bad! We figured she must have gotten outside. I called the SPCA and they checked the three black cats that had gotten brought in the previous two weeks. None were a match.

Yesterday evening while brushing my teeth I heard a faint meow. I went to my room and heard it louder. It sounded like it was coming from the vent under the window. Could she be stuck in the vent? I opened the window and called out. The meow answered. It sounded like Daria, but more faint and shorter than usual. I was skeptical it was really her because our neighbors cat had short meows. I went to the back door and called. The meows responded, but no cat came to me. At that moment my heart sank because I thought for sure it was the neighbors cat who meows at us, but never comes over. Then I heard scratching at one of the vents for the crawl space under the house which was right under my room. DARIA! W came out and opened the crawl space and called her. She ran out to him and he carried her inside. I brushed her and pet her. She meowed a lot. Her meow was weak and she was skinnier. She looked so small to me. She is usually a muscular cat, but a small one still. She ate a little food and drank a little water. I was afraid she would eat too much. W said she'd probably eaten bugs.

I wonder if we had realized she was missing earlier if we would have found her earlier because we would have called out at night and heard her. It's possible we had heard her meow from somewhere under the house but didn't think anything of it because we're so used to hearing her meow from somewhere IN the house. Unfortunately I was just about to go to bed, so after brushing her I did. She followed me in the room. I hoped she would just lie down, but she roamed around and as soon as I fell asleep she started meowing. I shushed her a few times before taking her out of the room and blocking the door. She cried two more times later that night, but just for a minute.

She is doing well today and I'm giving her another brushing tonight. Maybe that could become a more regular part of my schedule. I still feel awful she was stuck under the house for so long and we didn't realize.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

New week

There is a new week starting tomorrow. Another Monday. I had a nice conversation with my Mom this evening and she is going to be visiting next month. I have that to look forward to. The family may be coming down for Thanksgiving or at least the weekend after and/or my graduation. They're not sure yet, but either way, they'll be here once before we go up for Christmas.

I ate poorly this weekend. I'm not going to dwell on it, but I will be putting my best foot forward (whatever that means) this coming week. I read my fill of Raw blogs this evening. So, I'm ready to get to juicing tomorrow morning. Juice in the morning, fruit for snack, veggies for lunch and a cooked vegetarian dinner. I am going to find a recipe to do for tomorrow based on what I already have. Shouldn't be too difficult. I have yet to get a decent vegan cook book, so that's my next step.

It's almost 9pm and I am getting tired! Back to teaching tomorrow and I do mean teaching. I'm "lecturing" (yeah, putting notes on the overhead) about value tomorrow. That's the art element value... nothing to do with finances. And we're starting a new project. Should be a fun week! Tiring, but fun. Very tiring. Okay, I'm not as psyched to be starting another week. I miss being home. I miss making my own daily schedule. I had forgotten how annoying it is to be tied to a strict schedule all day and then get home and be exhausted. School. I do love the block schedule, though. The day does go quickly.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Economic Web

So, all these banks and whatnot going under is no joke. W and I have been discussing the many possible ways we could be affected. We may not be able to get a mortgage in a year. We may be forced to rent for who knows how long. However, today I found an even more immediate connection. I went online to pay my credit card and scrolled down to look at the statement. Something caught my eye: AIG Inc Student Insurance! What? I've paid AIG?! I actually have student insurance through Pearce & Pearce. I'm pretty sure last spring when I made my previous payment it was billed to Pearce & Pearce. Now AIG owns it? Did they just buy it? How could they have bought it if they were in huge debt? P & P provides insurance to many colleges and universities. They fully reimburse ALL of my medications and pay for my doctors visits IN FULL! It is an awesome insurance and great for students. We've had no problem with them. In fact when they didn't bill us the first time around and sent me an email of cancellation I called them and they saw record of my enrollment, though it was on the wrong section of their website which didn't ask for payment. I simply paid over the phone and all was right. Back claims were filed. I can see how many innocent people (and countries) would be hurt if banks were just left to crumble.

Monday, September 15, 2008

They are dropping like flies

The students. They are getting sick. Mr. L, my cooperating teacher, is sick. He brought in sanitizing spray for the tables and chairs. I don't believe he washes his hands before he eats, though. I know I've forgotten a couple times, but now I am diligent. I also use sanitizing lotion in the classroom.

Today a teacher teased me by calling me "Lemon girl." I've been bringing lemons to school and squeezing them in my water bottle and adding Stevia to make lemonade. I started doing this last week when I thought I might be getting a cold. Turns out I enjoy the lemonade AND it gives me a vit. C boost. I've also been drinking juice in the morning made from 1 orange, 1 grapefruit, 1 apple, 1 lemon, small bunch of romaine and/or kale, and 3 celery stalks. My palate is really adapting to the green taste. I was thinking "what will I do when I visit my parents at Christmas?" But then I remembered green smoothies. I use frozen (or fresh) fruit, like pineapple and blueberry and blend it with spinach and a little kale. I prefer the frozen fruit because it's icey and makes a nice smoothie.

So far, my health has made a turn around for the better. My digestion is awesome and my immune system seams to be much better. We'll see how well it holds up. I'm NOT getting a flu shot. I reacted terribly to my tetanus booster 1.5 years ago. Plus, it might not even work. Food will be my medicine this year.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Elitists that really bother me are those who say "I don't want to pay for (fill in the blank) with my taxes when that blank supports the innocent in our society and/or the future of our society and/or this Earth.

First example: Those who don't want to pay for stupid teenager's babies. Regardless of how these people who say such things feel about sex ed. and birth control, their comment is despicable. The babies born to teenage mothers (or mothers who are older, but poor) are completely innocent human beings. They are also the future of our society. If we didn't have Medicaid to provide prenatal care and education and WIC to provide prenatal nutrition and then breast feeding support and formula (in different amounts based on how much breastfeeding the mother does), these babies would not be brought into this world in any kind of good health and might be fed plain cows milk, rice or soy milk, or even sugar water to quiet their crying. Then the babies would not have adequate brain development and would be labeled special ed. when they go to school. So at that point they would definitely be getting more help from our taxes. They may even need support for their entire lives because they didn't get nutrition as babies/young children.

Second example: I understand this woman believes that raw, vegan living cures/prevents all diseases and if you live that way you should not need to waste money on modern medicine. She does support naturopathic doctors, but believes modern medicine is a sham. I think it is screwed up. There are ways to heal without going right to drugs. The cost of health care is through the roof. The drug companies should not be advertising on television, IMO, telling you to ask your doctor about certain drugs rather than just talking about any symptoms/problems you have. However, I fully support a national health care plan. The before mentioned woman wrote this:

This issue is about personal responsibility for one's health instead of handing it over to somebody else. That is not a republic, that is socialism. A government's job is to protect freedoms. It's job is not to take away our personal responsibility and live our life for us! A person needs to take responsibility for their health. I would consider socialized health care if there were stipulations, like if you want an expensive treatment, you need to do your part and improve your diet. But as long as a person can soak up my tax dollars on the most expensive, least effective treatment plans, and continue in their lifestyles which causes the disease in the first place, I will not pay for their health care, and I will NOT support a corrupt government that encourages this.

I do believe we need to push for more responsibility and educate people on nutrition. If naturopathic doctors could be seen with national health care coverage that would be optimal. However, the bottom line is that NO ONEs freedom will be taken away with a national health plan. You will still have the freedom to choose if you want to enroll with the health plan, not have insurance at all, or stay with private insurance. Now, Obama does want to require children to have health insurance. Medicaid doesn't cover enough, so the health care plan would take care of the rest of America's children... the innocent... the future. Too many children are neglected because their parents cannot afford health care. Some people will get angry about a pet being neglected, but think about all the children who have teeth rotting out because they never see a dentist. If they saw a dentist the dentist would ask about their diet. If they found the children were drinking plain juice or milk all day and milk in sippies or bottles at night the dentist would explain to the parent how unhealthy all that sugar is for the child's teeth. If they are a progressive dentist they might explain how too much milk (or maybe even any milk) can block the absorption of vitamins and minerals because it's difficult to digest and that vitamin deficiency is causing the child's teeth to rot.

Then there's the issue of people refusing to change. Doctors will not do excessive surgery on people who refuse to change their lifestyle. They realize it is wasted money and time. But if someone has diabetes and refuses to change, they should still receive treatment and insulin to help them through whatever of their life they have left, as it will be shortened. THAT is a person's personal freedom. We cannot simply take away unhealthy food at grocery stores or outlaw cigarettes. We know it's not a way to live a healthy life. But just as people can live a happy life and never read for pleasure (I know, shocking!!!) they can live their life eating McDonald's and chips and whatever other junk they want to. To say they shouldn't be given medical treatment is elitism and a form of prejudice. If you feel that more should be done to help these ignorant people, then support causes that strive to educate the public on good nutrition.

WIC wants to offer fruits and vegetables on its checks for children. The food given is not good nutrition, but some people don't know better. Funding has not been made available for WIC to include fruits and vegetables except for short periods of time at Farmer's Markets in the summer. School lunches across the country need improved. At the HS where I'm student teaching the kids eat pizza, chicken nuggets, french fries. They had to do away with the salad bar because it was too expensive. They now have ready made salads, but probably very few kids choose them over the french fries and chocolate cookies. If they do serve any vegetables they were probably previously frozen and then cooked to mush so that no nutrition remains. Needless to say, my DD doesn't eat school food.

We can change our culture. It is slowly changing. Vegetarianism and Raw food is becoming more mainstream with restaurants opening across the U.S. Michelle Obama got a lot of slack because in her effort to show that she realizes how high food prices are affecting us, she cited how expensive arugula has become. Arugula? It's likely the Obamas eat a diet heavy in fresh fruits and vegetables. They represent the progressive side. Obama would do more to provide nutritional education and healthy school lunches than McCain would. Remember Palin's parent's bumper sticker? "Vegetarian--Old Indian word for Bad Hunter." Please, if you really want this country to progress (nutritionally and health-wise), don't vote for the closeminded-knee-jerk-decision-maker from another era and his NRA-member-sidekick. Besides, we all know what happens when VPs go hunting.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Palin truth is finally coming out

This site is pretty interesting. When I first looked at it, it was just Anne Kilkenny's writing about Palin. Now it has additional references and it's more reliable. Many of the things I read on that site a few weeks ago have now surfaced in the New York Times article about Palin.

It's 5 pages. It's quite a laundry list. Mostly, it shows how parallel she is to Bush by documenting how she appointed long-time friends to offices they were barely, if at all, qualified to hold. She also pushed people out of her way by having them fired or deeming them "haters" and "anti-Alaska."

The Anne Kilkenny article says Palin had the Wassila head librarian fired for not removing immoral books from the shelf. There must not be enough evidence--maybe the librarian is not willing to confirm--that Palin had her fired, so the Times did not report that. However, it did report this:

For years, social conservatives had pressed the library director to remove books they considered immoral.
“People would bring books back censored,” recalled former Mayor John Stein, Ms. Palin’s predecessor. “Pages would get marked up or torn out.”

Witnesses and contemporary news accounts say Ms. Palin asked the librarian about removing books from the shelves. The McCain-Palin presidential campaign says Ms. Palin never advocated censorship.

But in 1995, Ms. Palin, then a city councilwoman, told colleagues that she had noticed the book “Daddy’s Roommate” on the shelves and that it did not belong there, according to Ms. Chase and Mr. Stein. Ms. Chase read the book, which helps children understand homosexuality, and said it was inoffensive; she suggested that Ms. Palin read it.

“Sarah said she didn’t need to read that stuff,” Ms. Chase said. “It was disturbing that someone would be willing to remove a book from the library and she didn’t even read it.”

“I’m still proud of Sarah,” she added, “but she scares the bejeebers out of me.”

I would just like to stress that Ms. Chase said the book "was INoffensive." For an extremist like Sarah, "that stuff" is trash to be burned.

I really get so upset reading this stuff. I muttered "oh my god" so many times while reading that article. It really sickens me. I want to condemn her to hell. Seriously. At this point I just have to breathe and relax. Sarah Palin is a religious extremist. It doesn't matter what religion it is, extremists are generally hurtful towards others and believe that god (not my God) is guiding them to do what they do.

Did anyone see the video of her talking to her former church congregation about god's will being done in getting the Alaskan pipe line? Olberman and Maddow did a little back and forth about god snapping to and getting that done for her. Funny stuff.

Thank God, seriously, that the media has finally gotten the facts together regarding Palin's history. They've been circulating in blogs, but you can't believe all that. The View did a great interview with McCain as well. I know it's not going to affect those who are closemindedly voting for the republican ticket no matter what (mostly for religious reasons), but for those who are still deciding this can help them see that McCain-Palin would be another 4 years of Bush-Cheney and we really cannot afford that.

Which reminds me about another section in the article, which I know you could read for yourself and if you are, then just go do that now. But if you aren't then listen. Palin sued the Federal gov. to have Polar bears removed from the Endangered Species list. She claimed that scientists had found no evidence they were in danger from Global Warming. When a university professor contacted her administration to have the emails from the scientists he was refused them. Eventually he got them and found that the scientists HAD found the polar bears were in danger from Global Warming. Oh man. What if Palin, like Bush, is so eager for the Reformation, she would like Global Warming to continue on a faster path to heed the second coming! Calm. Deep breaths. Extremist. Definitely not a feminist. Not even a feminist for life, which I want to get to in another post, but this is heavy enough for tonight.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Leaving the girl

I just tucked G into bed. She's great with showing the physical affection, but I decided to pull the "I love you, too" line from her, so I climbed in bed with her and she lavished on the affection. I asked her "how do you tell me you love me?" "I love you, too," she said. She always puts "too" on the end. So cute.

So then I was half-way stepping out her gate and said "goodnight, love you," again, when she looked up from her book (she always looks at books before going to sleep) and said "You gonna leave forever?" Whoa. I told her "No, I'm gonna be home with you tomorrow!" So G said, "Oh, Daddy gonna go?" Poor girl! She's back in the school year swing with W and I alternating time home. She did get half a summer with both of us home after W did an internship the first half. I explained that there is no school tomorrow so even S would be home. "You have two kids!" G exclaimed. She has changed so much in just the last month.

I don't think G meant I would "leave her," just that I would be leaving the house (and then coming back) every day... forever.

Another thing. She is to the height where it has begun to be painful for her to be picked up under her armpits. That just came to my attention today. I didn't realize how difficult it would be to see the baby as growing up, though I had heard of this and witnessed this happen for other parents. In fact, there is a mother I see at church with 3 boys, one of whom is in a class of mine at the high school. Anyway, she holds her youngest much of church and he pretty much always falls asleep either on her or on the pew when we stand (which is a lot of the time since we don't have kneelers down here in the south). The problem is this kid stands at the height of the woman's arm pits. She's a little on the short side, but still. He has to be 7 or 8 years old. At first I thought he was developmentally disabled, but now I don't think so. I think she has just refused to see that her youngest has grown so much.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Oh my gosh. I stayed up late (11 is WAY late for me these days) watching a show of 9/11 footage. When it was over I still wanted more. Now I remember why we watched footage and interviews about this tragedy for days. How sick it was. If I had been there I would definitely have been fucked up. Especially if I were a working mom with a kid or more in day care. Oh man, I would have a HARD time going back to work and leaving them.

I was just thinking about G's preschool yesterday... or maybe it was today. I was imagining how the teachers (mostly former SAHMs--not that there's anything wrong with that) would handle a tragedy. Public schools and private schools alike plan for the worse. Teachers have crisis intervention training and training on what to do if there's an intruder. But G's little Baptist preschool? Probably not much more than fire safety training. Though, I should ask before making judgements. But anyway, I pictured the absolute worse and it's just horrible. With going to work full-time I've had one terrible dream so far where I was actually with the kids, but was struggling to keep them safe. I don't worry about S at her elementary school. She's already done a year there and she's not a big risk-taker at all. G is a different story. She's also having a hard time with me being away 5 days a week for the first time in her life. Even when I went to school 2-3 days a week I would stop home for lunch and would be done by 2 most of the time. Then I'd be home with her for the rest of the week. Hopefully she'll calm down soon. W is dealing well. He feels as I did after a day home with 2 kids, even if one was in school much of the day. It's exhausting and you can't escape. You don't "leave work" to come home. You've already been home all day. Maybe he's understanding why I got out of the house as much as possible--went to the library, the store, the Y, the park, play group, friend's houses. I feel so great having him home with G, though, rather than having to put her in day care. I could cry that I'm missing her preschool days. W took her the first day. W gets to pick her up and hear about her day. She tells me much of it at dinner, though.

Now I'm just rambling. I wanted to just post quickly about 9/11 and then I got onto my kids and well... they are extremely important to me. I wouldn't want to be without them and I pray I never have to be.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Settling in... typical

First, I'm really settling in to the student teaching routine. I've gotten very comfortable in front of the students. I am pushing myself to expect more respect, as they chatter amongst themselves way to much for my taste sometimes. It's especially annoying when they will not stop their conversation when one student at a table needs help. I have adjusted to the cold temperature of the classroom. So have the students as they don't whine to turn the air conditioning off anymore as they did the first week. I am not as exhausted when I get home as I was the first week. Before my head was just spinning and my whole body was tired. Now, I am somewhat mentally tired at the end of the day, but I feel good about what I've done and I can just unwind with a little Oprah. My feet are not so sore anymore, but it helps to put them up for a little while right when I get home. Then I can fix dinner for the girls and enjoy the evening. My first lesson I developed and delivered is going well and I am proud of what the students are doing. I hope they are proud of themselves as well. Some are very difficult to motivate, but I'm still trying. Overall they like me, but I need to forget about that and work on getting their respect. I do respect them and, as I said, I need to push myself to demand more from them. Just as I am getting comfortable with them, they are getting comfortable with me and are becoming more forward. Today I got questioned about whether I had graduated from their high school and what year that was. Of course, I said, no I'm from MD and it's none of your business. The guess was class of 93. That would put me at about 32, which I believe is an average perceived age for myself based on my lifestyle, mostly the fact that I've been married 7 years and have two children. I am loving teaching high school and I will now start hoping and praying I can get a high school position here or at least when we move back to MD. I enjoy the assignments and the block schedule. I could do elementary, but I now know I WANT to do HS. Really, this whole experience is so wonderful. Mr. L, my cooperating teacher, gave me my first evaluation and it was very nice. He said that I was beyond what the average student teacher knows and is able to do with students at this stage in my career. Well, I'm not a timid 21 year old. I'm 27 and I'm ready to work! I told him, I'm ready to work and I considered lateral entry, but decided student teaching would be a helpful experience that I didn't want to miss if no jobs came along. Now I am SO glad I got this experience. I will be SO much more confident when I do get a job, no matter what level it is.

As for the typical, it's time for our first cold. Actually little 3 year old G has had the cold for a week now. W has had it for about just as long as well. G did get one hour at preschool last week, as she seemed well, but then turned for the worse again and spiked a fever. She and W have had fevers on and off for the whole week. A little boy at church had been in the hospital with pneumonia. I wonder if it's the same virus that caused his pneumonia to develop. S and I have been fine thus far. Yesterday I split chicken fries and french fries from BK with S. I'm not proud. Then I had a gyro sub with yogurt sauce from a nearby restaurant. So, of course this evening I started feeling stuffy up in my sinuses and itchy in the back of my throat. Now, I've been having allergy symptoms for the last few weeks, but this was different. This wasn't a slight stuffiness with itchy eyes. This was that interior tickle that happens when a virus is about to be expelled by your body via snot. So, I'm taking Beuller's advice and juiced two lemons. I made a lemonade with water and Stevia. I would have juiced an orange as well, but W finished them off with his juices today. We are loving our Breville juicer. It works wonderfully and the green/fruit juices do make filling meals. I'll have to have some more lemonade later today and then tomorrow morning to really give my body the Vit. C spike it needs to fight this off. We'll see how it works.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dr. Maddow: The Truth About Lying

Watch this, then tell me how they are getting away with it and why they will continue to get away with it.

Tropical Storm my ass

Hardly any rain. Some strong gusts of wind. The port-a-potty for the still-in-construction house across the street got blown over. A neighbor's mailbox was blown off the stand. Other than that, nothing really happened for us here in Northeastern NC. We need rain, though, so we're not happy. It looks like Ike is going down and around Florida now, so we won't be getting good rain from that either. Not that I want a huge hurricane to hit the OBX, but I have survived a category 2 while vacationing there and it was just fine. Rocked the house nicely so everyone could take a nap. So, a little hurricane would bring us all some nice rain which we need this year. Plus I could get some excused days from Student teaching. I love it, but it is exhausting!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Time line check

So she got pregnant 5 months ago. That was when she was supposedly home sick with mono. If that's true, then that would be the perfect time for her to have had sex. Both parents would have been gone working while she was out of school. I know, she was sick. But come on. Who hasn't had sex while sick?

News Break!

Just now it was reported on the TV news (during coverage of Gustav) that Bristol Palin is pregnant now. Rumored reports stated she has a ring on her wedding ring finger. So, where is the "newly married" part of the story? Very interesting.

Palin Pregnancy Possibilities

I knew there would be talk about Palin's abilities to mother and be VP (or governer) at the same time. This would force us to examine how we think about women, mothers, and careers for women and mothers.

I did NOT expect anything like this. When I heard she had gone into labor and then taken a long flight, with a layover in Seattle, from Dallas to Alaska to have her baby I was astounded. How does that happen for a fifth pregnancy? But I just shook my head in wonder and went on with things. Now the rumors are flying and it's insane. Now I'm finding the baby was born a month premature and she actually gave a keynote address while leaking amniotic fluid. While I do agree that most American women have tummy pooches, this definitely deserves investigating. Read up for yourself. I'm sure I'll be posting more. I am looking forward to any forthcoming mainstream media attention on the issue.