Thursday, August 21, 2008

What is a "well-behaved" baby?

A teacher at my H.S. was telling my cooperating teacher about seeing another teacher's new baby over the summer. The first description she gave was that the baby was "very well-behaved."

What does that mean? Most people would answer that the baby doesn't cry a lot and might sleep through the night. There are three personality types for babies and you can look that up. Experts say that a baby's personality doesn't necessarily coincide with their personality as they grow. The "personality" just decsribes how "needy" or "demanding" a baby is.

A baby does have behavior. A baby behaves in the necessary way to get what he or she needs: changing, feeding, sleep or to let someone know he or she is overstimulated and overwhelmed or uncomfortable in any way. Regardless of the baby's personality type, when a baby is described as "well-behaved" that really means the PARENT (or caregiver) is well-behaved (i.e. meeting the baby's needs).

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saskia said...

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I'm able to eat all raw still in this small town. I just have to go without some of the extra fun stuff a lot!

Awesome about your hubby, it has been amazing watching my DH's transformation.