Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Transitioning: Aspiring Raw Foodist

I have been working on my transition into the world of raw eating. It's a pretty amazing concept: fruits and vegetables are human food and that's it! I read the book The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose and it was very nice. There is a substantial recipe section, so I plan on trying all the recipes. The book gives the outline of transitioning towards raw eating and emphasizes that one should go at a slow pace and stay where one is comfortable. I am currently transitioning between level four and three. Basically, just going more raw than cooked. I'm still eating bread, pasta, and rice and will for a while so I don't transition too quickly. I have given up diary (mostly, though Rose says minimal cream or butter usage won't inhibit detoxing) and red meat. I'm working on stopping the turkey/chicken intake. I have done really well at adding in the greens.

The best information in this book is the idea of eating quick exit foods. The object is to not put more food in the stomach until one meal is out of the stomach. This means that a three hour space between meals is good. Food is grouped into four categories that should not mix: starches, Fleshes, Nuts/seeds/dried fruits, and Fresh Fruit. Vegetables can go with ANY of these groups. The point is that when these groups are combined digestion is slowed greatly and clogs up your system. Fruit ferments when held in the stomach longer by other food. Vegetables and fruit together leave the stomach very quickly (30 minutes for most fruit). So, I am also working on pairing my food better and spacing out my meals. This goes against everything I've heard: eat the biggest meal, or the worst paired meal at dinner so your stomach has all night to digest and it will be out of the stomach for breakfast.

With all this quick exiting of foods, the next step is to help the detox along with various methods such as dry brushing, sweating, sunbathing (moderation early or later in the day), and colon therapy. Colon therapy is a big part of detoxifying the body. There is an interview with a leading colon therapist in the book: Gil Jacobs. He says that after twenty plus years of eating the standard American diet, one could have colonics regularly for the remainder of one's life!!! That's because the body has collected all the waste in the bowel tissue as well as around organs. Even Dr. Oz on Oprah has pointed out the bad fat around unhealthy organs. As the waste is eliminated from the bowels through enemas and colonics, the waste will also start to leave the organs. This can cause negative symptoms and can re intoxicate the body if it gets back into the blood stream rather than out the skin or bowels. So, I will definitely be starting enemas soon. After a year or so on the transition toward raw eating I will start colonics. I haven't had any detox symptoms such as headaches, acne, stomach aches, feeling faint, but that's because I am taking it slow. My digestion has improved GREATLY!!! The fatigue is basically gone!

I'm enjoying the food, too. Even while on vacation here in the OBX, I am staying true to my body and eating quick exit combinations. Today we went to the Red Drum restaurant and I had a big house salad with grilled salmon. I got a huge piece of nicely grilled salmon and lots of fresh greens and a raspberry vinaigrette. WONDERFUL!

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