Monday, August 18, 2008

A thought on kids and TV

"Thank you all who responded to me for the TV. In my travels this
morning I was able to pick one up at a yard sale for $5.00!
Yippie...Now my son will be able to watch as much TV in his room as he
would like with out me ashamed of it! Again thank you all for your
support and offers!
Blessings, "

This quote is another FreeCycle posting from my area here. I really hope this "kid" is some 45 year old high school drop out still living at home. He's probably not, though, and that makes me really sad. She's totally copping out instead of stepping up and being a parent. If your kids watches too much TV you limit it! Set a time and have him choose the shows he wants to fill that time. Truthfully, when it gets so bad that you are ashamed of the number of hours your kid watches TV you need a TV fast. It's tough, it's painful, but it works. At least it worked for the Berenstain Bears.

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saskia said...

AHHH! I will keep my mouth shut on this one, that is so pathetic!