Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Prayer in School

My sister teaches in a suburban area right outside of a big city. I live in a rural farming community in the South. As you may know I am student teaching at a high school and we've had some faculty days this week. The first day we had breakfast at the school and the band teacher led the prayer before we ate. When I told this to my sister she stopped me at this point saying "Wait, prayer? They said a prayer?!" Oh yes, and I'm used to that. There's prayer at all city functions. There's prayer at all local college functions. It's commonplace here. What DID surprise me this time was that the teacher finished the prayer "In Jesus' name!" My mouth dropped open as everyone responded fervently "AMEN."

It's just plain illegal. No one religion should be observed at public schools.

Today a local church catered lunch. It was very nice of them to do and of course the pastor said a prayer ending in the same way. I'll be glad to move to the city and work in public schools that respect everyone by respecting the law.

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saskia said...

COOL! I homeschool, and we always prayer in our classes (we have a community school where we teach) makes all the difference in the world.