Saturday, August 30, 2008

Praxis II = Passed

Alright, so this second attempt at Praxis II resulted in success. Thank goodness. I was so nervous opening the results I seriously could hardly read it. I expected to find BOTH attempts listed just like the SAT does, however it just shows the second try. On the multiple choice Art Content Knowledge I went up only one point to a 169. My best section was Art Criticism and Aesthetics, which is no surprise as the last Art History course I took was focused on that subject.

The essay test, Art Making, was where I had scored about a 50% last time. This time I scored a 169. In their judgement of my knowledge about basic art concepts and techniques of art making I went from a 6/12 to a 10/12. In the documentation of personal art making I went from a 22/40 to a 30/40, which is actually above the average range of 22-28. So apparently, scorers are extremely harsh on the essay test.

I'm so relieved. Now I get to send copies to the six board of eds to which I've sent applications and also to my school registrar so I can be approved for graduation.

Should I walk at graduation? I need some opinions here. I always fully expected to walk at graduation, but after switching schools so many time and not spending more time at THIS university I don't feel it's really my own. In fact when I send in applications to school boards they receive transcripts showing many credits from all my schools, except just a few from the community college. So I feel all the schools are my own. It's just that this school is giving me my final degree. I am actually very eager to get my masters so I can have my highest degree from a different school.

After trying to start Students for Barack Obama and receiving less than welcoming results I felt bitter towards the school. W has decided he is NOT going to walk. I am so supportive of this, though his parents and grandparents want to see him graduate. He told them to just come down for a party here. See, W is graduating in the spring where the ceremony is outdoors on the football field. From other recent caucasion graduates the speeches at graduation have been so african american centered it felt even more awkward to be graduating from the HBC (historically black college). We also have little respect for the chancellor and the way the school has been run. It's literally falling apart.

I'm more inclined to go to MY graduation simply because it is in December and therefore will be indoors at the very nice auditorium. Probably my family would come down, which would be very nice. S could also attend, though G still is not able to sit still or be quiet long enough, so we could have someone watch her during that time. The December class is probably much smaller than the spring class which is also nice and I'd be with the group of student teachers I've meet at seminar. I am not the oldest, so that's nice to have other "adults" graduating with me.

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