Sunday, August 31, 2008

My favorite greens and eating raw

I LOVE Earthbound Farms greens. They are organic. The spinach is delicious. Nothing is irradiated (not allowed with organic produce). Did I mention the spinach is delicious. I tried another brand and it was actually bad tasting. I didn't even want to eat it, but put lots of lemon juice and pepper to make it edible. Earthbound Farms spinach is good plain.

Yeah, I'm still on my raw kick. I'm not eating all raw and I'm not trying to. I eat whole grain organic bread and pasta, beans and brown rice, and lots of salad and fruit. I also juice a lot now that I got my Breville juicer.

What results have I seen? I'm no longer bloated. I used to be slightly bloated all the time. During menstruation it would be much worse. Without all that water weight I am just overall smaller, especially my stomach and thighs. W actually said I had less cellulite on my thighs and butt. I never really fretted about my cellulite, but I didn't like it. So to hear that it's not as noticeable is a nice surprise. Something to keep going for another beach season! Just two weeks ago I tried on some slacks and felt they were way to0 tight and uncomfortable to wear out. Well, on Thursday I wore them to school and they fit so well. Unfortunately the black slacks I had purchased to replace them are now way to big. I'm hesitant to have them tailored because I've only been eating this way for a little over a month. Still, I believe this is a life-style change and I will never go back. Also, I don't worry about putting on weight because I'm not loosing a lot of weight. Just about 3-5 lbs so far. It's just the water weight that has made such a difference with my pants fitting at the waist. Other results are that I am satisfied by a salad now.

What has surprised me is I have had fast food cravings when I'm driving home from school. I won't stop and get it. I'm sure I'd feel completely gross after only 3 bites of a burger.

Mucus. It's something that happens when you eat a food your body cannot digest well. It happens to people all the time. We just don't automatically relate it to our food. We blame it on allergies or whatever. But after having cheesecake at school one day I felt very congested and had a cough and mucus in my throat. This used to happened with ice cream for me before.

The whole family is pretty much non-dairy. Of course, G has been since she's allergic. W has all digestive signs of being allergic as well. S and I get constipated from it. It's a type of IBS that has just recently been recognized. It goes away for us when we do not have dairy. We do eat goat cheese and butter in small amounts. It's better to have real (organic, but we can't afford) butter on bread than to eat the soy margarine. Soy and peanuts are other mucus-causing foods, so we are not eating them as well.

People as a whole do not understand food allergies and do not understand dairy allergy. Usually people ask if we can give her lactose-free milk. It's not a lactose intolerance. It's an allergy to the protein. In my head I'm thinking "and most everyone has difficulty digesting dairy protein." I read an article once that stated that Native Americans and African Americans have a high rate of being lactose-intolerant. This leads to many infants being put on soy formula instead of dairy-based formula. Check out The Whole Soy Story. Not sure if it's all true, but it's worth thinking about. The way soy is broken down to create many, many food products (soy lecithin--the protein--is in so much food you wouldn't even expect) is similar to the way plastic is made. It's very far from natural. Pretty much edamame is the only safe way to consume soy and even then, it should be in small amounts. It's become such a "health food" and celebrities are all about feeding their kids edamame. It's even packaged with Sponge Bob on the bag.

The girls are not vegetarian... yet. It's a transition. Also, we need to make sure they are not allergic to nuts. S will be having a food challenge for almond and strawberry, so hopefully they are both negative. If they can have nuts, that will help them eat less meat, or no meat.

Since I still want to eat fish, this post by Bueller is interesting and I want to find out my mercury level. I believe diseases such as autism and Alzheimer's are caused by metals and other toxins in the body f-ing up the brain. It can happen in utero. So, even if we eat all organic while pregnant, we're messed up enough to mess up the fetus' growth. Depressing. I thank God my girls are ok. I know vaccines do not contain thimerosal anymore, so we do vaccinate. Still I worry about toxins.

I am really loving this way of eating and I am EXTREMELY proud of W for diving right into this with me and supporting me with changing the girl's diet (while it wasn't poor it needed improved) for the better.

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saskia said...

you got a breville- you lucky girl- i have no access to goats cheese, or i'd give it a try!